Friday, December 14, 2012

Those are some of my little jewels that I have in a trinket tray in my office. Not fancy ..They are all just special.................. Given to me by sweet little hands (kids) or one costume piece from my late Grandma Mae-Bell ... That is my twins in the picture with the pink around it .. Just special little things.................... Wanted to share those today ..............
Well Oprah gives a breathing space on her show.. I am thinking HEY why not on my blog..SO just soak it in ................... ISNT she lovely ... I have a relationship with that SEA !!! IT talks to me ya know .. My soul I feel is somehow connected to it .........................
OOOPS did I say that


          Well happy friday.............. DO you remember my ol Post where I said PUT your self on the list FRIDAY .. WELL HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLO what have you done for yourself lately.. SO I am dedicating FRIDAY as My-days ..Meaning OUR DAYS .. you know .. PUTTING yourself on the list sort of thing.... I totally had myself on the list. Went shopping with my friend who is a HOOT and we giggled and laughed as she shopped for her shop.. SHE said I have RUINED her .. she had so much fun shopping she was beside herself. I laughed all day ..Then we got to hang out at the SHOP and we laughed and be bopped around there . Then we donated some items to goodwill.. So whereas I did not have a back rub or anything .. IT was totally awesome. BY the way ...HELLLLLLLLLLLER .. had biscuts and GRAVY and some hashbrowns for breakfast (Now that is putting myself on that ol list) what I am thinking !!! Felt very blessed to of had such a ME day .. Fridays ..  HMMMM just for ME>>> WELL know were just talking !!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I get a text from my friend she said PRAY for those in connecticut . I had not heard what happend. I drove to her house and we watched it unfold on the television . .Then I felt just horrible having a ME day when such tragedy had hit the world .... My heart and prayers are out for the families and town and Nation that is mourning the loss of those precious children and the families and teachers lost during such a horrific act. I pray that our NATION ends  this kind of violence and that the world just mends somehow.. My heart aches for these families left here to suffer such a loss. I want us all to come together in agreement and pray for these families involved. IT reminds me why I am on this journey of KINDESS... You never know if were entertaining angels and we never know if we are entertaining lost souls ..... Prayers for these families...

Can you write down your prayer here and As I pray I want to read them too and be in full agreement .. GOD bless ..............................


  1. Don't feel horrible for having a ME day! There is no way you could have known what would happen today and we all have to live our lives like it could be our last day.

    I am so sad for all the families who lost children and loved ones. Only God can provide comfort, and I pray that he holds each and every family affected by this tragedy in his loving arms.

    1. You are so right . My prayers are with those families . I woke up this morning and thought to myself ..what a sad day and time for those today and the days to come for those families.. I am so glad that there are people like all of us to pray and encourage others in kindness and stop this Nations violence in malls, schools, . I think prayer needs to get back into schools and places ... Praying for the families ... Thank you for your sweet post

  2. Beautiful....

    Wishing you a wonderfull weekend....

    Hugs, Pietrik

    1. Thank you Pietrik.. Have a blessed week my friend : )