Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I have blogged on this desk before... However it is a constant project. I refuse to quit unitl all shells are finished on all sides. Vacation Shells, Kids shells, Special walking and picking up shells. It has become a labor of love...
This day Westin gave me some of those shells that you see on that desk .

This is the light fixture that I am trying to reproduce.. OMGOODNESS do I think this would look fabulous .......... Saving twings and things now to make this .. Keep your fingers crossed that I can pull it off. The look I am going for is what I coined PURE .. Fits the journey that I am on I think ..
using things GOD gave us ..

This is the dresser that My mom and I painted to put in the office. YOU should have seen this when we started .. LOTS of holes we patched .. Was a pure eye sore... Turned out fabulous.. been sticking to the ANN SLOAN Paint and painting alot of my furniture this color ..

I love this desk and the process has brought me a lot of JOY !!!  I think anything that brings us JOY is a blessing dont you ?

Here above is a pic Via Pinterest . I am using it for my inspiration board to recreate this room on a dime... I have the table that I got for $62 and all the chairs. On the HUNT holding this picture now for the chair covers. I want to possibly STAMP my own on the backs.. With one being Angel Wings maybe a crown or a bird on a wire a big SHELL ..not sure.. Maybe all different and Faint in color .. Here is my dining room now......below .. imagine the chairs covered...

Thought I would show you some of the TINKERING I have been doing.. .. I leave here tonight closing my post with a thankful Heart. ............. I value a persons TIME and  I really appreciate your love and thoughts and any time taken out of your day for The Rusty Pearl ... .Have a blessed night and here below is my photo of the day...

Let me set the mood.. Jelly - Bean is a MESS . Been finding things broken.. MY waterfall as of yesterday ... And then I walked into the hall and SAID LOUD JELLY BEAN ..this was the deer in the HEADLIGHT look I got ... Then she proceeded to continue on her path of destruction ..SHE Is back on GROUNDATION LOL


Monday, February 25, 2013

First of all .. I must say Westin is the apple of his Nauni's EYE .. I can be having any kind of rough day or just blah and I hear from this cutie patootie and IT just melts my heart. HE has a gift of lighting up a room. I heard once from Toni Morrison I think during an interview ..That you can change a child by how you act when they enter a ROOM !!! Do you make them feel important etc..  When he walks near me ... I make sure he feels like its SPECIAL. I make a big ol deal out of it . I think and HOPE that he always remembers that of me. I love him more than words can and or will ever express... LOOK at Bernice (gerble) that is the sweetest thing you have ever seen and LOVES people.. SHE greets you when you walk near her cage.. That is my daughters little pet. SHE is a great addition LOL ............... Bernice lights up when Westin is around ..

Sharing some family photos today ..

 YEP that was my long thick hair ................LOL CUT it off..needed a change ...

 well that is a me with no make up LOL but change is good... think i will embrace it LOL
and not to mention the hair is totally not fixed here LOL but hey ... its me

This is my son out hunting HOGS I think .. NOT that I am agreeing with the hunting thing..BUT mamma loves her son ...........YES I do ...and he eats what he hunts .

I took this photo... LOVING it ................... YOU know me where I am my best (by the sea)

That is my youngest daughter and Westin playing in the entry way of my house..
Bundles of cuteness. I thought I would show some family pics since were all friends and you can see who I am talking about at times........

yep there is me and my girls............TRUE love !!! Love my daughters.. They are jewels for sure .

There are my twins .. They are truly beautiful inside and out ... Mamma loves her girls

 Well see these smiles mean the world to me of my family . YOU really can say priceless .. There is nothing that I would take for them in the world.................They are my riches

Was wanting to share my family with you today .. Have a blessed week .........Sherry



Saturday, February 23, 2013

I am in my quiet place..
Dont you have one of those? YOU know the prayer closet that we create to spend time with the LORD !!
I have made  it my office my space I think.. I am really cozy here. I read great blogs and spend time in prayer... I have a book where I write down my prayer requests !!
I take it very seriously when I pray. SO many times when I worked at my job with all my sweet friends for nearly 10 years I would have friends say will you pray for this or that ?
Of course I will !! I take that so serious . DONT ever be one of those people when someone asks you to pray that you just say OKAY . They ask for a reason and I take that so serious..
I also have another prayer closet ..Actually my favorite one : Below is where it is !!

I took this one morning. I love this SPOT on surfside.. I felt GOD there for sure ..all around me

 The Beach really is my happy space... .place, prayer center, closet .. just feel free there .. Feel alive there and the sound moves me. I cant explain it . I feel it ..Scared of sharks mind you ..BUT I battle them sharks on a daily basis on concrete LOL . just kidding ..OMGOODNESS that sounded bitter LOL .. But you know what I mean... 

I have a friend that I blog with .. Her son was in a serious car accident.. Please lift them up in prayer. i told her I would and I told her I would tell all prayer warriors to do the same... Please join me in prayer that he is okay, That Gods angels are around him and that He will be healed in the name of JESUS .. thank you ..........................

I laugh every time I see that Rabbit picture.. He is stressed out already for Easter LOL
Have a blessed week and thanks for spending part of your time with me. It means so much !! I look forward to blogging with you every day .. HUGS and blessings ..Sherry


Friday, February 22, 2013

Sometimes when were on a Journey that tries us...and we feel like were walking on an endless path of heartache and why me (s) .. Leave the outcome to Jesus ...This is what I am reading today. I am on a journey this week to share as much of GODS word that I can . NOT to be too preachy ...but if your following me.. My header clearly states God, Family, Friends, and the Sea where I am most me.. SUMS me up.............SO back to what I was reading.. I took that picture the other day and loved it

                                                    Pic (via) My SHOP The Rusty Pearl

 Let me know what you think ....
Leave the outcome to me.. Follow me wherever I lead, without worrying about how it will all turn out. Think of your life as an adventure, with Me as your GUIDE and Companion. Live in the now, concentrating on staying in step with ME. When our path leads to a cliff, be willing to climb it with MY help. When we come to a resting place, take time to be refreshed in MY presence. Enjoy the rhythm of life lived CLOSE to ME.

The above Pic  taken by me.. I thought the diamonds (sparkles) on the water were God's handy work for sure........ I sat there for hours just staring at it. That beach was my prayer closet that day !

YOU already know the ultimate destination of your journey,Your entrance into Heaven. So keep your focus on the path just before you, leaving outcomes up to me.. Psalm 27:13-14
Exodus 15:13

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Good Evening ..Thursday (incase you forgot ) LOL HEY It could happen.. Hope that my post finds you all well and blessed... Let me start this off by saying.. I BELIEVE IN GOOD PEOPLE !!!
Generous JOY is my focus today .. I was very mindful of how others JOY made me feel . I think it is infectious when your around a GENEROUSLY JOYFUL person.. Makes you have a little pep in your step dont you think .. I am going to be very aware of the JOY that I show others and Radiate to them .........LOVE that Radiating JOY .. hey  COINING that  phrase ...

Now with my camera in TOW....as it always is .. They dont call me Poppy for nothing ..
I thought ..HMMMM day 4 of my challenge of taking a photo that makes me feel ...and writing about it .......................SO I discovered instagram today ( I am Technically Challenged) So you know ..and for me to upload and apps and all that .. HEY NO small deal for this RUSTY Pearl ...

This is the picture that I took .............

Loved it ....
GOD's Gifts are just everywhere. I loved the beautiful handmade Shell Art !!
Used from Nature and colored just right .......
Now  I would love to read something from my book I am reading. HOPE that you enjoy it !!!
No Matter WHAT your circumstances may be.. YOU can find joy in MY PRECENCE.. On some days JOY is Generously Strewn along your life path, glistening in the sunlight .. On days like that , being content is as simple as breathing the next breath or taking the next step. Other days are overcast and gloomy, you feel the strain of the journey, Which seems endless Dull Gray ROCKS greet your gaze and cause your feet to ache YET JOY is still attainable, Search for its as for hidden treausre...
I began to feel JOY after reading this in my book.. I was feeling today the strain of a certain JOURNEY .. and then was reminded of  my friends JOY and care .. Generous JOY was way better than the alternative (negative nelly stuff ) ...SO thank you JESUS for giving me joy when sometimes it seems our path is stony ..BUT as I was reminded yesterday if the path is stony ..YOU are sure to give me GOOD SHOES (hey who cant smile at that )  
Isnt that just powerful and full of HOPE
With that I will close and say Have a beautiful Evening. .. I just wanted to say hello as I have been so blessed by so many blogs. I really ENJOY it so much ..Thank you
Hey my blogging friends.......... I have to tell you .. Yesterday Wednesday ..This is my picture for Day 3... Wednesday Friend day ...
I have been mentioning that I wanted to get to know this lady that just makes my day when I go into the post office.
MEET TaTa and YES omgosh YES that is her name and fits her beautiful soul to a TEE !!
This pic Via Pinterest............Love it

I think the KEY (reason for pic) To a great life is to surround yourself with the people that love you and make you happy and give you JOY....

I would leave the post office EVERYTIME and think she is just a good soul !!  She has her own style and just a sweet soul.. SHE would have moody customers ..sighing if she took to long with someone with a big order or prob and she NEVER lets it get to her. SHE would GIGGLE until it just becomes infectious ... LOVE her .. I went in and said its find a new friend day ..PICK your IT .. I told her she has the sweet soul and how she makes me feel and that i wanted to blog about her  !!! She got so giggly and happy and said sure..>SHE knew my business name The Rusty Pearl and said SURE you want to take my picture . I said YES I DO !! She said OH let me take off my jacket and glasses > I SAID absolutely NOT that is YOU and I want the real YOU .. She giggled and was so sweet we exchanged names and decided we will be life long friends. LOVE this sweet lady .. She had on tattered instyle jeans, Leapord Jacket and some ROCKIN glasses and this is how she is every time I enter that place and a smile that can light up Texas... That is my picture of the day and NO doubt GOD had a hand in letting me be friends with such a beautiful SOUL.... Made my friend on Wednesday and I challenge everyone to make a new beautiful friend EVERY WEDNESDAY ..

 HUGS and blessings and I am blessed to be friends with you all.......................TOODLEPIP

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

If God gives us STONY paths .. He will give us GOOD shoes ....God has no problems ...ONLY plans. .. I read this in a mothers inspirational book today and LOVED it !!! Not to mention was able to use one of my pics for the title picture... YAY !!!

Day 2 Picture ... I found this old shell.... I took pictures of all sides... YOU cant really see it but its very weathered and has little holes in it.  Prompted me to hold it feel it ...TOUCH it and appreciate the textures of it and the edges etc..  I then thought ..WOW wonder where it came from. What journey it had been thru to be now in my hands.. What it survived .. made me feel thankful. So this i will write in my book for Day 2.. I have now placed it at the end of my desk (shell) desk that is a constant project LOL .. BUT it has a home...and FREE 90 FREE cant put a price on that kind of beauty or GIFT from GOD .............The simple things.......

There is my shell desk that I have been working on for awhile.. It is all the shells over the years that i have saved or kids have given to me etc... Special vacations you name it . PRICELESS to me ..

The shell now has a home on my desk for me to admire and ponder where it came from and what JOURNEY it took to get here...............  (knowing full well its a gift from GOD )

Now Little Jelly  - Bean has been part of it all !!!!!!  She is for sure My little gift from GOD !!! OMGOSH who knew she could be such a JOY and bright spot in life .. LOVE little Jelly

She is not RUSTY but she sure is a PEARL (a PEARL to me is all things special)

I will close with this ....

I am ever so near you, hovering over your shoulder, reading every thought . People think that thoughts are fleeting and worthless, but yours are precious to me.  (says the LORD) ..

Isnt that awesome to think about GOD being near us .. I really do feel like I know GOD . I talk to him daily . I do have a relationship with him.  I loved when I read this .. Made me feel accountable for my thoughts and more conscious of my thoughts.. OUT with the YUCKY and only putting positive in sort of thing. ........................Thanks for following along.. HUGS and going to start a paint project this week YAY ................................... GOD bless and have a great rest of the day ...


Monday, February 18, 2013

Okay sweet Blogging friends and family ... The above picture the shelf on my fireplace is my current Design on a dime.. Thanks to my pop !!!
I think that is a SMOKIN deal !!! I need to paint it etc.. BUT I love it. Notice my old Design on a dime the candles in front was a $2 find...OMGUSH love !!
The screen was $20 ..that was featured I think on one of my designs on a dime !!!

This was not far from my house.. I want to mark this down as MY 1st photo of the day Journey .. I am starting that today.. Was going to do Valentines as start date but today was kicked off.. I thought this was a good picture.. AND anything with a little RUST on it catches my eye... I love all of GOD'S colors here. Just look at it all.. The next picture was my favorite pic of the day .. I looked at it and felt such peace running thru me. THE wind was blowing, the Sea-Gulls were talking (more like squawking ) but beautiful just the same and the clang of the sails on boats and the rushing water  noise .. OMGUSH felt like a little slice of heaven ... I just loved it all ... I could smell the rain .. It is here NOW in all its glory .. God's Land is being watered . I often thought you can tell alot about a person when it rains.. DO you complain or do you DANCE... I choose to dance.. many a time .. I have gone in the rain and looked up and THANKED GOD ............ GOOD PRAYER weather..It is not just for sleeping you know >........... : )

Can you close your eyes and feel and hear it . ... That is what I think I want to take away from the photo challenge ... HOW I am feeling on this journey.

I really do think you can find beauty anywhere... Look around at the Canvas that GOD has placed before us. I am thankful !!!
Then as I was driving thru the little Coastal area .. I notice the since of patriotism .. The little houses that had the flags hanging proudly.. Gave me this since of HONOR within me and proud to be here  .. I love all people and I know some of my sweet friends and sisters that are from other lands love our flag and what our country has offered them.. They too are proud to be here.. I just felt full within me as I drove past it all and felt it ..

See the flags ....
I love all countries and lands ... I just wanted to show what I noticed today . I am trying to be more aware of all my surroundings and on a complete journey of LOVE and kindness !!
AND I think no matter where we live or where we are from .. WE should show PRIDE ..
ONE Other note .. and you can quote me.. I have noticed some areas where people do not take care of their surroundings..> I want to say this and YOU can QUOTE ME .. You do not have to have money .. or be called RICH to be CLEAN ... Pick up your yard people !! OKAY so that is my soap box for the day ...and NOTE : A toilet in the front yard IS NOT A PLANTER ..SOMEONE lied to you if they said it looks great.. TAKE IT DOWN!!!
LOL.. sorry that is my VENT for the day ..SO we have had design on a dime, Vent for the day , Photo for the day .. Now I want to share something that Cheri my friend sent to me. I thought it was so beautiful.. She really touched me and has been a blessing since the day I met her. SHE is a GOOD SOUL...
She said she used to wake up in the morning and put a cross in her pocket ...as time moved on her cross grew and grew
One day she said she awakened and her crosss was bigger than her !! She said she hoisted that cross on her shoulder and carried it proud.. She said If Jesus can carry his cross than so shall she..
Meaning all her crosses that she bared .. I just loved it and her vision for that . LOVE her and thanks Cheri for inspiring me..
GOD bless everyone and thanks for BLOGGING with me.... Means alot.



Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hey Sweet friends.... (you all  fuel my inspiration) My world is truly blessed with you in it !! I just want to say thank you !!!!!! I love reading and commenting on your blogs. I love the ideas and the creative juices that get sparked when I read them !!! Thank you .. SOOOOOOOOOO I have a new Idea...

sooooooooooo My friends call me POPPIE !!! WHY you ask ? ? ??  Well because I always have a camera in TOW.. I take pictures of life...  One of my girls were going somewhere .. I said Take pictures.. She said .. We might but we will prob just be spending time LIVING it .. Not taking pictures of it >>>>>>>>>>>> OMGOSH I think ..that is great and all .. BUT we view History by the pictures we take ......SO I say LIVE it and If you can .. TAKE that picture !!!!!!!

SO I saw this post : BELOW

And ..................WHEWWWWWWWWW HEW .. This RUSTY PEARL is going to take this challenge...............SO every day for one year (starting Valentines Day) I am going to take at least one picture a day and document it somewhere (isnt that a cool idea ? ) I love this !!!  The POPPIE in me thinks this is the BEES KNEES !!! LOL( Poppie was coined because my friends call me the Papparatzi .. ) Know I have a camera somewhere... LOL .....SO I am ON IT !!!!!!!!

Just think where pictures can take us !! I want to take pictures of things that inspire me .
I want to take pictures of things and people that mean something to me. I want to look for the goodness in the things that I am viewing.. Of course if there is a life changing event .. I will try and capture it .. GOOD or Bad.. BUT since I am on the journey of KINDNESS .. My vision is to be HAPPY PICS !!!!!!!!!!!

So ..................With camera in hand............ I plan on seeing the world thru my lense

What do you think of this idea.. ANYONE up for the challenge ? I would love for someone to join me on this endeavor ................ Kind of like a time capsule (LOVE)

Now I would like to share this with you from my sweet book that my friend sent to me...

 I am your strength and your shield. I plan out each day and I have it ready for you , long before you arise from bed. I also provide the strength you need each step of the way . Instead of assessing your energy level and wondering about whats on the road ahead.... Concentrate on staying in touch with me ..Refuse to waste energy on worrying and you will have enough energy to spare.. This is from my book called Jesus Calling..

I read that and just pictured our heavenly father saying those words .. I felt such comfort.

 Hope that your day and week is blessed. I loved that I could share my thoughts on life, and photography ideas and most of all.. Sharing something about GOD !!! I feel most proud of that..................... TOODLEPIP !!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hey Blogging sisters.... Guess where I am  ??? ?  HUH HUH .. at The French Bird's Studio..  (my mom) ..... She is opening a shop in Tomball @ The Birds Of A Feather SHOP!!!! .. CHECK out some of her pieces... YOU will LOVE them ..................

 look at the precious BOOK with LACE !!!!!!!!!!!!

I see the future LOGO in that spot.. THE FRENCH BIRD  ( LOVE that name don't YOU  ? )

The painted 100 year old PINE chest ...Can we say GORGE!!!! $300 .. SMOKIN deal !!!!!

 Here she is CLOSE up.. See the detail and love the key holes.. .SMOOTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is another French piece she is working on ... The price when she is done with this will be $200 OMGOSH I nearly fell on the ground when I found out that is all she wanted .> JUST beautiful and trust me the pics do not do them justice... LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe

There are so many pretties .. Cant put them all.. We are in the process of creating her Facebook page and her blog................. TOODLEPIP !!!!!!! Thanks for blogging with me and .. LOOK forward to great things from my MOM .. (The French Bird) ......................... Sherry