Saturday, April 13, 2013

I have been on a Journey of Kindess and Peace.. I read this today and t thought I would share.. I am sure that you will love it too... It is one small sentence but I literally sat and just thought about it for awhile...
"Kindness is a language the blind can see and the deaf can hear."
Isn't that POWERFUL ..
We live in a RUSH RUSH world and I notice that people do not really take the time to HUG as much or Time to WELL smell the ROSES !!!
It reminded me of when I was driving in my car the other day and traffic was bad and this white truck nearly side swiped my car..

Doesn't he know that I am carrying a lot of stuff...Mainly the precious Cargo (kenzie)

Well needless to say I was quite ashamed of the words that came out of my mouth . I said
YOU IDIOT .. YOU could of killed us...

 Thankfully Kenzie was asleep ........................SHHHHHHHHHHHH

Then I was so convicted.. Because as you grow in the Lord you change your thoughts and your words.. I seriously thought .. YOU know what we invite GOD into our hearts our minds our souls and HE Is probably sitting right here beside me.... Then I felt like sinking into my chair . I said I am sorry GOD ..inside my mind and then I just thought about it all day. I thought we should walk thru our day as if GOD were sitting right here beside us.. We expect our children to conduct in a certain manner and We should be the same in front of our Father at all times....

SOooooo Later that evening I was reading in my JESUS  calling book and BAM !!! THINK IS WHAT I READ............. DONT YOU LOVE WHEN YOU JUST GET CONFIRMATION OF A THOUGHT ...........................

Grow strong in the light of my presence . Your weaknesses do not REPEL ME. On the contrary, it attracks MY power, which is always available to flow into a yielded heart. ..

Why this just was confirmation for me I DONT know ..BUT I was drawn to it and I am sure that GOD is pleased that I am passing along this thought to you ... SOOOO go along your day and act is GOD is right beside you .. HE REALLY is and He deserves RESPECT (we all do ) SO I humbly say I am sorry driver for calling you an IDIOT Mr Truck driver ... the old me says inside well He was driving stupid >>>OMGOODNESS what is wrong with me LOL .. BUT you get the point.. AND yes.. I am a work in progress.. HEY but I am honest .. ... HUGS and thanks for following.. I am blessed that your all apart of my life and journey ..

 P>S>  Jelly -Bean is behaving these days.. Nothing to report LOL SHHHHHHH don't want to say it too loud.. The last time I thought whewwwwwww finally Nothing broken in a week ..She had a party in the Pantry !!! Have a blessed week !!!!!!!!!
 TO all my new followers .. HUGS and look forward to being life long blogging sisters and friends.. If you have a blog I will be looking for it .. TOODLES

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hold the fort NELLY !!! Look at this design on a dime.. This beautiful table...
Can we say FREE 90 FREE and I purchased one just like it not long ago from a thrift store..
Just love it

 Came across this little WINE box it is the same and opens on both sides. The wine goes in the bottom and This little BEAUTY $7 I think that is a STEAL ... Love it and it looks good just about anywhere and I get tons of compliments on this little box

Then there is this little Jewel.. I picked this up at GW for $7.99 WHAT ? ? ? ? ?  I love it LOTS and the little kid'os in my life just love it .

and last but not least the pretty canister and topper... GOT for $1.00 at a yard sale.. OMGOODNESS I love a good yard sale...  I do break for a good yard sale and I am sitting in the car saying when I see people get out before me... I think to myself.. Don't take my treasures people  !!!

 I often say even if I was worth millions...That I would still love a good garage sale or thrift store.. HEY I would just have more money to do it LOL.................

Have you had any awesome FINDS lately... I got some old boat oars and I  plan on doing something fun with them ... 
I am so excited today .. Westin just called his Nauni (me) so I am headed to get him for a couple of days........................................ It is always so much fun seeing the world thru his eyes.. EVEN though he set me straight on the Easter BUNNY LOL ..

Toodle-Lou .... Have a blessed day and thanks for popping in


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

SHHHHHH It is late and I am up ... I see the flash of light outside the window. Lately I have been dealing with some  things and somehow the LORD has had me kind and looking up and focused. I feel like I hear better, see better, think better, pray better and most of all listen better.

( I blogged once on a beautiful something I read.. When the LORD gives you STONY paths.. don't worry he is sure to give you GOOD SHOES.................................... HE really does !!! MY smile is in away my GOOD shoes (symbolically) speaking ... : )

I am so thankful for so many things..  I went to the window and watched for a very long time. I thought of things that I had not thought of in awhile.. I am going to be moving soon and NO I am not bitter... I plan on leaving here Better... and I am so THANKFUL. I just felt this since of SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH inside of me. Not to dwell on it all. Then I thought WOW LORD there is so many people with REAL hurts in the world and I am so blessed. I just felt thankful.. SO I went out into that RAIN .. (that I love )

and just got in it . MOVED around in it and SMILED and loved it all.. ALMOST like a cleansing . I cant explain it . I felt amazed and when I got into the house .. I felt like IT was all just washed away .. The things I have been so quiet about . I don't know why I am so happy during a very hard time .. BUT I am good .. REALLY good. SO good in fact that I look forward to the FUTURE and what GOD has in store for me. I think once I put it all in GOD'S Hands .. at the end of the day IT was OKAY ................. SO the point of the post is .. The SUN really will come out tomorrow... ENJOY the RAIN .. .DONT be one of those that just gets WET .. DANCE In it .. I know tonight I DID just that .............................................. TOODLES

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hey sweet friends .. Hope that your Easter was filled with FUN and with the loved ones.
Went to my moms for Easter and nothing like family .

Those bundles of Cuteness are my three girls and WELL that little CUTIE pie in blue.. He is Nauni's pride and joy right there............. I said did the Easter Bunny bring you lots of GOODIES .. He said in his serious VOICE .. Nauni.. The Easter Bunny is not REAL . I told him quick.. Well I heard it was a big chicken delivering all those Eggs all this time anyway.. He looked at me so serious and Said NAUNI >>> LOL



That is my handsome son and his sweetest EVER girlfriend Sarah.. WE all love her so much ..

My daughter Sheray was the proud MONEY EGG winner this year.. Its fun to watch all the bigguns start searching for the egg....

That's my sister and brother in law... Can I just say TRUE LOVE they have been together since my sister was 13 .. LOVE STORY ..

okay on HOLDING the fork.. YOU know when your ma or your grandma or that special Aunt says HOLD the fork........................YOU know something good is coming ... Today that was the words I had in my head... HOLD the fork !!!!!!!!! I think GOD has something ahhhhhh-mazing in store for me. I have been saying that for years... BUT I really think its coming... I just feel like something AWESOME Is on its way ...

This is the furniture me and my mom painted Saturday (all day ) can I just say that woman is a work horse LOL >>> She was determined we would finish it all and I must say .. TURNED out fabulous .. What do you think .. Loved the colors.....The little bench in front will be another project of hers...

welp toodaloooou .. Hope that your week is blessed and that you will join me on this journey of kindness................. HUGS