Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Blessing

                                                           GOD IS GOOD 

Let me start with this . My neighbor has a cat that came up to me the other night just screaming and meowing frantically. I told TOMMY why is she doing that ? She must be hungry or scared of the rain . I fed her and she was fine. THIS was SUNDAY . That SUNDAY afternoon we had our boat beside the house but the homeowners association had a fit so we moved it . 

 This morning I am walking out of the house and a strange car is beside my neighbors house just sitting there. I called the neighbor and said this car is sitting in front of your house etc. She said YALL moved your boat. I think my cat had kittens in there. We can't find them . OMGOSH when i say I felt crushed Believe me that is an understatement. I get on the phone to call my nephew to go and check the boat (NO ANSWER) call my niece (SHE IS ASLEEP NO ANSWER ) Text my sister she is at work NOW stressed in tears nearly too) It has been poring rain and freezing.  MY HEART Just sank and Now I know what the mamma cat was trying to tell me. 

Tommy (who is never sick) Calls me out of the blue . HE is all of a sudden ill and his boss said they were slow etc. for him to go home. I tell him about the Kittens. (he just felt so sad for them too) He said I am going home to get Kenzie (she is out of school for thanksgiving break ) They went to see if the kittens were in the boat and if they were ALIVE . 

I get a call and he said do you hear that ? ?   FOUR little kittens STARVING< RAINED ON and COLD but they are alive. 

I said TOMMY y'all saved those kittens. I believe that GOD had a hand in him coming home and saving them. Kenzie got towels put them in the garage they found the mamma kitten and now they are in the house safe secure with the mamma. I called the neighbors EVERYONE is just full of Praise and JOY for them .. AND they are ALIVE 

I have a thankful heart. YOU can see it in the mammas face. I am full of JOY . 

Thank you GOD and Thank you TOMMY & Kenzie for going over there and looking for them and bringing them to their mamma. 

ISNT that just awesome ! We will keep one (when they are old enough) 


Friday, November 22, 2013

Getting to know me POSTS

I had a sweet friend message me on the blog the other day .. Her post said she loves the Getting to know me posts !!

OH yea . Had an AH -Ha moment and I thought YES ..
My posts lately have been just me thinking and getting to know me. 
I still paint and resale and work and make things etc. 
BUT  said when I started this blog if you love, GOD , family, Friends etc then this is the blog for you !!
I share what I think LOL 

Say what I think and that can be good or bad. 

BUT I really feel we are among friends here 
I see your family in posts, Pray for people you need prayer for and YOU just grow to love people. I think GOD meant for us all to know and Love each other. 
I truly wish we were all living on the same BLOCK OMGOODNESS 
How awesome would that be. 
 I want each of you to tell me something about you. 
This is my get to know us better MONTH I guess. 
I need to paint something or show a design on a dime or something. BUT I am blogging like a journal lately and thats awesome too. 

Each night lately my older kids that live and go to college elsewhere 
we group text. I have had some funny laughs with these kids . Last night I group texted everyone a baby picture. WE all laughed when my son 
said …

FOR REAL THOUGH .. I should of been the actor or on a poster or something . 
Then he said or maybe that picture in a new frame that people buy. 
I laughed so hard. We all texted and laughed. SO 
…GROUP texting random stuff can be a way to communicate with all the siblings and laugh . OF course we call. BUT the silly stuff we come up with is pretty funny and I hope they laugh and look back some day on the random thoughts of their mom .. LOL 

Then they all started saying can I bring my dog Lars, or TYSOn to thanksgiving. HOLD UP people we may have  a zoo. I said YES LOL 

SO I think my group text tonight will be HEY y'all 
TGIF (thank god Im fabulous) then I will follow it with 
YES I am awesome .. the word ends in ME LOL 

YES were throwed just a little Laugh out LOUD 
BUT they are positive people and I just love them so much 
SURROUND yourself with POSITIVE 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Smell those roses

I think JESUS will be proud of us talking about him today !!

I was driving to work and on 2920 There was a huge 
congestion of traffic. 

Naturally My daughter at the last minute is MOM I need a poster board for a project that is due today  
I need this for today mom 
Did I mention we are training a student at work and I need to be there too. 

I did not have time for this traffic !! 
Felt the frustration kick in..
Then I had my radio on KSBJ and the music started playing 
I love that gentle NUDGE from GOD
All of a sudden during this traffic I thought well 
This is more time to talk and listen and pray and spend with GOD 
It was sprinkling out side and I thought UGH We 
really can't afford anymore RAIN .. Then I thought 
this morning. 

SO I took a deep breath and Prayed and Got the poster board and kept on 
keepin on and made it to work. Come to find out the student will be here at 10 My boss said have her to come in around 10 . That worked out and 
After all was said and done . MY POSTIVE(NESS) kicked in 
I then found myself saying 
Im sorry LORD 
There are so many going thru so many things and 
SO what I needed to be on time. I am blessed to have a JOB , A car, A beautiful daughter to forget things ALOT LOL ..
I think GOD will be proud I openly apologized and just breathed it all in and 
Maybe he felt I really needed to be focused on him 
NOT the small STUFF .. 

Be positive  - message for the day 
Take time and smell those roses. 
xxoxoxo Love y'all  and have a blessed day 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

There is a reason why my pic is on this POST LOL

OH …. Dear 

I have been thinking my friends. ..

I am on this WE all need to love ourselves kick 

I thought today …

BY George …If it were not for ME (MOM) , Taxi, Cook, Cleaner, worker bee, business owner, employee

Then the following blessings that I am so thankful for in life 
My children 

Would not be here. .. Just wanted to share a post of my family. 
I have not done the day one thankful for thing on FB 
Im dedicating this post to them instead

I don't know why GOD trusted me and blessed me so much..BUT today driving I had an AH HA moment .. BY GOLLY I ROCK … look at the sweet kids I produced .. 

GOD Is good and so are these kids 

first my twins : 

Believe me when I say they are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. I am one proud mamma …

Then my sweet son was born…and his heart is amazing.

The last of the mohicans .. the baby of the family .

       then the sweet baby boy .. Misty's son MY grandson …

So as I will gather around the table and My sweet honey will be with me.. Cant leave him out. He is in my heart .. My love ..

YES we were dressed like this for halloween LOL .. that hair took me an hour LOL

As I was saying .. I will be gathered around the table and I have all this to be thankful for .. And those kids well HEY I am one blessed MOM … and Nauni to The little one. So it all started with me. I feel great pride in the fact with ONLY GOD that they were all here and that he used me to carry them all and what a beautiful family to be thankful for. SO this thanksgiving I wanted to share what I am so thankful for. Of course I have tons of family on that list but these are my children. Thank you for allowing me to share my family with you and MY great PRIDE that comes with this post. GOD bless you all and your family this Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Why do some birds sit alone

I was driving Kenzie to school this morning and as I was leaving her school I noticed birds on a wire. I sat there a minute just looking at them and it occurred to me that some birds sit alone. I looked back at the kids entering into the school and I noticed that most high schoolers were in groups and then there were the select few that were solo.

HMMM I began to stare at the birds. SO MUCH SO that the honking started behind me. I was so intrigued that I drove back around to look at the birds one more time.

I got these bird pics off of google but this was the exact same vision i was seeing.

Notice that one bird to the left : ( 
I thought it was just sad 

Then I thought of the high school and those kids that sat alone and why is society like this. WHY are some (Even animals) more social than others? 

I am sure that I can google a great answer or ask someone the correct answer to this question. 
However .. YOU know ME .. I want everyone to PLAY NICE LOL 
Even the birds LOL 

Then I noticed the bird on the left Might be the smart bird. 
It is definitely either PREGGERS or it eats more than the others. 

HMMM So I guess even with HUMANS we have our reasons. 

As silly as it all sounds. I don't like people having to sit alone. 
I am going to tell Kenzie to go and talk to that kid that was sitting there with their head down. I know we never know what is behind closed doors  but 
I am all about LOVING others 
SO . I guess if you see that coworker or that person sitting alone today 
Maybe we might just be the difference that they need 
Maybe they need us to be the person to break that ice. 
And if they just want to be alone HEY we can respect that
HOWEVER greatness gets achieved in NUMBERS don't you think . 

I guess my mission and thoughts today are ..


I promise if i could of scooted that bird over to the other birds I would OF !!! LOL 
TOODLES .. Hey food for thought 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Refer a friend

Hey Sweet friends. 

You know me … Thinking ..LOL I thought HEY lets BUILD our blogs . I am thinking our Gang needs more friends 

Lets refer a friend. Please post on my blog Three great blogs at a time and I will visit and join them all 

I will do the same and mind you they are not in any special order. I will close my eyes and randomly pick them from my list. Because WHY  ? I love them ALL !!

If we all follow all three and the ones that post here I follow their three and they follow back . THINK of the SISTERS and friends we will make. WHY 

It is make a friend Wednesday .. FRIEND DAY WEDNESDAY 

Who is with me. 

Dixie Delight is a new one and a big thank you to them because I won the thanksgiving cards !! SO naturally I want to PLUG them !!

Our Neck of the woods - Awesome and I love everything she is about

My mountain Blessings - 

Sweet Vintage of Mine 
OKAY so that is four 

Tell them that The Rusty Pearl sent you !!! LETS do this.

WHY cause we are AWESOME !!


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Big ol cup of wonderful

 This was what I posted on my instagram  page.. Isn't she lovely lol . I woke up and said HEY what is wrong with tooting your own horn once in awhile.. BY george I am awesome !!! I am on a mission of peace self happiness (which I am pretty happy) SO I think the world needs more people loving them selves. Not being over the top with it . BUT if we expect others to like and love us .. HEY I am just thinking out loud here…SHOULDNT we at least be able to like ones self LOL ..

SO my post said I am a big cup of wonderful dipped in awesome sauce LOL HEY I am tooting my own horn today but it was FUN DAY MONDAY --- And just by me posting that some friend in EUROPE commented LOL U are MAD and she loved it LOL so then she and I chatted and I am proud to say GREAT FRIEND DAY !!! SO hey I have a new friend out of liking myself on monday LOL ..WHEW KNEW.. I have so enjoyed everyones blog this week and I have so many inspiring ideas to make..Dont know if I can complete them all.

Small post today .. Just wanted to say LOVE yourself .. WHY NOT !!! I for one think your all awesome.. HUGS and xoxoxoxo blessed week my friends… Thanks for tolerating me LOL

Friday, November 8, 2013

Something GOOD in every DAY

See I am a visual person... AN OPTOMIST... LOVER of PICTURES AND LIFE

I have been doing a lot of thinking about (WHAT I WOULD DO DIFFERENT IF I HAD A DO - OVER ? )

Life is so fast paced and I am a people watcher for sure. Sometimes I go and sit on the SEAWALL and just watch the hustle and bustle of it all and the people  and their expressions. YOU can see who is struggling, Who is having hard times, WHO hates life, Who is sick. I find that I can see this in people. I have that GIFT and I am usually DEAD On !!! But lately I have been thinking What would I do over. WELL First of course The obvious decisions - Dont jump into things without thinking clearly etc SORT of life things. BUT If I could do what I love and get paid for it . DANG that would be ideal !! I have always known that my calling was orphans. I have never worked with orphans ( I married one) But I always have had this soft place in my heart for a child who had no mother . I feel something in my soul when I hear of them and read about them ETC. I searched for years to find something near where I lived and NOTHING . SO I do toy drives and other things to do what I can , I PRAY constantly for those I see or read about . BUT once life happened, kids family I never moved anywhere that I could of been of service. I THINK now I would do that differently --I would head there with my family in TOW for sure. WHAT would you do ? NOT that we are not loving and thanking GOD for our JOURNEY because I am full aware of my blessings. I just think had I known different I may have taken that path. HEY and still MAY someday.

I do feel that there is so much heartache in this world  BUT I am a glass half full kind of girl. SO whereas I am fully aware of the NEWS and our own life situations and heartaches I think THERE Is something GOOD in every day . I think once we think like that OUR life and situation will change for the right and best direction. I think that the rest of the time GOD has me here on EARTH I am best to head in that direction and concentrate on the things I can change and NOT dwell so much on the things I can not change. What is your thoughts on that?  See if you were in my living room or driving with me in my car. THESE random thoughts well they just POP up and I would say HEY what do you think about this or that?  I have people in my life that are loners and I think SOOOO SAD . I LOVE LOVE LOVE PEOPLE they amaze me and the more I can love or hug I FEEL COMPLETE . It only hit me that way in the past TEN years or so I think . MORE focused on that in the last THREE. SOMETHING SHIFTED >>>HMMM COULD IT BE 40 ?  Maybe but I love that part of life. PEOPLE are amazing, The good ones are LOL .. WELL just a thinking today and was wanting to have a conversation .. What would you do different?


Well he still EATS everything.. What I would also do different .. DOG TRAINING LOL 

And OL Jelly-Bean - She is perrrrr-FECT . She tolerates BOOMER and she is still just as sweet as ever !!! I love little Jelly Belly

Now a little breathing space. Just to show you where my mind and HEART is .. LOTS !!! Have a blessed weekend and I thank you for the time you spent here reading what I have to say . I am thankful to be apart of your life in some small way .. TOODLES and HUGS xoxoxoxox Sherry

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What is your life RAFT

 I woke up feeling INSPIRED TODAY !!! I was thinking about the SEA and the way it makes me feel inside to see it and Hear it. I began praying as I was driving to work and thanking GOD for all his Art work. JUST look around !!! I thought of All things SEA (as you all know) I have a relationship with that ocean . I feel connected to it. I breathe when I am near it . I feel it , I see it and IT is my life long dream to live RIGHT NEXT TO IT someday . I am driving distance... BUT if you ask me NOWHERE is Close ENOUGH .. 

Can you feel it .. Just look at it ...Cant you smell the air ? How does it make you feel just looking at it. SEE that is how I am when I am near it. I dont have to be IN it .. I just like being NEXT to it and apart of it. .. I think this is GOD'S art work . .. Then the next picture I will post .. Made me feel ..HMMM What is your Life Raft  ? YOUR HELP ..your GO TOO when your SINKING ? .. Mine is GOD !!! 

This little picture inspired me to think about GOD even more. I saw that life raft just on the post there ..Thinking how symbolic it is to GOD just watching and waiting. I know he is proud of us . Just think it is never too late for us to say GOD ..Throw me that RAFT. Sometimes we just need a little NUDGE to remember GOD has this. I dont know what made me think of this today. BUT it GOT me into my bible this morning and I was gently reminded (NUDGED) of GOD'S ever loving GRACE and LOVE and just look what all he gave us... I am going to be in a mode of GIVING thanks all day.  

WOAAAAOOOOE ... So just think 
When you think your sinking or going at it alone. 


Ask GOD to throw you that RAFT !!! He is there.. I promise 

Thanks for blessing me today and giving me a part of your day to see what I have to say. 

I am thankful 

For all of YOU .. 


Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl 
(all pics I found on instagram) LOVE them .. Hope that you do too.. TOODLES