Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What is your life RAFT

 I woke up feeling INSPIRED TODAY !!! I was thinking about the SEA and the way it makes me feel inside to see it and Hear it. I began praying as I was driving to work and thanking GOD for all his Art work. JUST look around !!! I thought of All things SEA (as you all know) I have a relationship with that ocean . I feel connected to it. I breathe when I am near it . I feel it , I see it and IT is my life long dream to live RIGHT NEXT TO IT someday . I am driving distance... BUT if you ask me NOWHERE is Close ENOUGH .. 

Can you feel it .. Just look at it ...Cant you smell the air ? How does it make you feel just looking at it. SEE that is how I am when I am near it. I dont have to be IN it .. I just like being NEXT to it and apart of it. .. I think this is GOD'S art work . .. Then the next picture I will post .. Made me feel ..HMMM What is your Life Raft  ? YOUR HELP ..your GO TOO when your SINKING ? .. Mine is GOD !!! 

This little picture inspired me to think about GOD even more. I saw that life raft just on the post there ..Thinking how symbolic it is to GOD just watching and waiting. I know he is proud of us . Just think it is never too late for us to say GOD ..Throw me that RAFT. Sometimes we just need a little NUDGE to remember GOD has this. I dont know what made me think of this today. BUT it GOT me into my bible this morning and I was gently reminded (NUDGED) of GOD'S ever loving GRACE and LOVE and just look what all he gave us... I am going to be in a mode of GIVING thanks all day.  

WOAAAAOOOOE ... So just think 
When you think your sinking or going at it alone. 


Ask GOD to throw you that RAFT !!! He is there.. I promise 

Thanks for blessing me today and giving me a part of your day to see what I have to say. 

I am thankful 

For all of YOU .. 


Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl 
(all pics I found on instagram) LOVE them .. Hope that you do too.. TOODLES 


  1. This makes me want to get to the beach, STAT! Great post today Sherry. I really can smell the beach and hear the waves!!

  2. I love being next to the ocean, too, but I also love just being next to any water. Right now I am in a city not near the ocean, but I hear it in my dreams. You are right. We are never alone, sweet friend. xo Laura

  3. What a wonderfully inspiring post, beautifully written Sherry! I am thankful for today!

  4. Hello Sherry,
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  5. Thank you for this post! It was good for me to hear this today. Love the images and I wish I was by the sea with you today! Take care :)

  6. Great uplifting post, Sherry. We are never really alone once we believe- xo Diana

  7. You sound quite happy .
    What an uplifting post Sherry .

  8. Beautifully written and very inspirational, thank you.

  9. Hi Sherry, Inspiring post and it is always encouraging to know that God is so close and ready to throw us that raft. Thank you for sharing your heart!