Thursday, November 21, 2013

Smell those roses

I think JESUS will be proud of us talking about him today !!

I was driving to work and on 2920 There was a huge 
congestion of traffic. 

Naturally My daughter at the last minute is MOM I need a poster board for a project that is due today  
I need this for today mom 
Did I mention we are training a student at work and I need to be there too. 

I did not have time for this traffic !! 
Felt the frustration kick in..
Then I had my radio on KSBJ and the music started playing 
I love that gentle NUDGE from GOD
All of a sudden during this traffic I thought well 
This is more time to talk and listen and pray and spend with GOD 
It was sprinkling out side and I thought UGH We 
really can't afford anymore RAIN .. Then I thought 
this morning. 

SO I took a deep breath and Prayed and Got the poster board and kept on 
keepin on and made it to work. Come to find out the student will be here at 10 My boss said have her to come in around 10 . That worked out and 
After all was said and done . MY POSTIVE(NESS) kicked in 
I then found myself saying 
Im sorry LORD 
There are so many going thru so many things and 
SO what I needed to be on time. I am blessed to have a JOB , A car, A beautiful daughter to forget things ALOT LOL ..
I think GOD will be proud I openly apologized and just breathed it all in and 
Maybe he felt I really needed to be focused on him 
NOT the small STUFF .. 

Be positive  - message for the day 
Take time and smell those roses. 
xxoxoxo Love y'all  and have a blessed day 


  1. Yes, Talk to Jesus! Always. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It is so easy to fall into a disappointed state when things are not going the way we think they should. I keep my radio on a Christian channel of music and it really does help. Sometimes, I feel guilty for asking for help when I think I SHOULD be able to take care of it myself-lol xo Diana

  3. A great message! Thank you for sharing it with us. I need to work on not being bothered by the little things and being more thankful for everything I have.

  4. Dear, dear Sherry! HELLO!

    I saw your comment very early today from my cell phone, but I'm a teacher and I've been at it all day and night (parent conferences tonight) but I wanted to run over to thank you so much for your visit and very kind words!

    Your response to my post is very thoughtful and means a lot to me. Many hugs and thanks and I appreciate your joining my blog! I will do likewise. I enjoy my friends from Texas and you are a believer too! ME TOO!

    Much love to you and yours, Anita

  5. Hi Sherry, yes, taking the time to smell the roses is exactly what we all need to do. So many distractions take us off the destination. Finding time to enjoy in the simply little everyday blessings of life is such a joy and gift. Thank you for sharing your heart. Your thoughts and message is perfect for this season and such an inspiration.