Friday, May 23, 2014

Family Friends and the Sea

I have just had a time off from things ..I am on this journey of Peace still and it seems my focus has shifted in life. I am truly back on my list. I have totally shaded the YES disease. You know the one ...The people pleasing YES to everything . I now say well that is really not good for me. I tell ya , since i have taken on this approach life has been so much STRESS FREE lets just say LOL .

This is me and my friend Jocelle enjoying some time at the BEACH . The fun thing about meeting her a truly sweet SOUL who is on fire for the LORD and she is helping to raise her grand baby and just a giver to all who love her. She has moved down by the sea and how we met is truly GOD'S Plan. Her mom another sweet soul. .. MS. Judy met me thru The Rusty Pearl . Then her daughter moved near me. We all saw each other and hung out and have been friends every since. I just love when GOD has a hand in things. I just have had so much on my plate and decided to kick back a little while and SUBMERGE myself in what I love and what makes me happy. I Feel like my soul is smiling . I gave myself a  much needed time out. I think I will every so often to stay focused and centered. I figure whereas I am not complaining , I just needed ME TIME  A  Happy Me helps to make everyone else Happier LOL . I have had a permanent ME day for a few months and WE are all better for it.

Hope that your Summer has started off AH---Mazing and that you will continue to SHINE --here are some more fun pics doing what I love ...THE SEA
Hope your summer is Blessed. Thanks for allowing me to show some memories.. TOODLES and watch out been planning some great BLOGGIN ' Hugs