Monday, March 10, 2014

The Drive In

                                    Winding road photos found on Mike Giancola's Portfolio

On the drive in this morning I turned off the radio. I felt a slight chill in the air but I could hear the wind and the sound of myself breathing. For some reason my eye sight was not as blurry and time had changed and the commute was a bit different and darker . I first passed a little bird sitting on the road and I found myself saying a little prayer and slowing down. All while thinking why is that little bird just sitting there (is it hurt, tired? ) then It flew off and a sense of relief came over me. Then I noticed a billboard sign that I pass every single day and I saw different colors on that sign and thought HMMM. Then I found myself praying inside of me for all those I pray for > Family and friends and I looked to the left to see things I normally don't see . Was I more conscious of things this morning ? Was I not as rushed ? Then I thought LORD thanks for slowing me down this morning to see the things you wanted me to see … TO pray for those you wanted me to pray for. GOD'S blessings really are all around us. I stopped to get gas and this man that was clearly before me .. SAID hey go ahead. I turned back around and said Thank you and he smiled knowing he did something good and kind. I felt different this morning. I can't really put my finger on it. BUT I know that GOD is saying BE AWARE.. I think that is the message that I will pass on for today. I loved the DRIVE IN this morning.

SO I guess whatever direction your going today .. BE AWARE .  I even noticed a sticker on the car in front of me saying GOD listens .. HOW awesome is that . Have a blessed day . I hope that your day is filled with blessings and GOD surrounds you with peace love and joy . PAY IT FORWARD ..




  1. Don'y you love paying it forward ~
    love does make the world go round.
    Wa great to see you at the farm today :)

  2. How many times have we gone through the days UNAWARE? Many! Love paying it forward, too. It is one of the gifts that God allows us to use to glorify Him. xo Diana

  3. What a great pst how lovely you got so much from your morning drive

  4. Hi Sweet Friend, Just beautiful!! So much to see and appreciate when we slow down and look around us. So glad you had a good drive in. What a blessing a day makes!!

  5. I love this! It's so nice when we can take some time to be present in the moment and listen to what God wants to tell us. I had a nice drive in like this today actually :)

  6. Signs do come in strange ways, you just have to be open to them. Laura

  7. What a powerful post. I love reminders of faith. This was beautiful. Your bit of blogosphere is such a positive and inspiring place.

  8. I find myself praying a lot when I am in my car driving... one time, when I was coming home from my girlfriends house late at night.... as I sat at a red light I was just flooded with the need to say a bazillion Hail Mary's... weird huh? Even I thought so even as I was saying But... I firmly believe NOW that that was to keep me safe for what lay ahead when I pulled into my driveway when I got home. We had a vacant house across the street from us and at the side gate was a truck pulled partially into the back yard. Ok, I thought--- probably stealing something like the air conditioner to scrap the metal. Well... that person was dropping off a DEAD BODY in the back yard. *gasp* Soooooooooooo there you go... the power of prayer is very important to keep us safe :-) Keep it up!
    big hugs!

  9. I love days like that! When I feel totally aware and in tune with His blessing. Eyes open for others... YES. Wonderful post Sherry. Happy weekending

  10. This is a delightful post. Love it. :)
    You left a comment on my OLD blog and I just want to be sure you have my address for the NEW blog....
    Thanks so much for coming by....and come over to see me at the new place.
    xo bj

  11. IT IS AWESOME and yes, HE does listen! I just think it's US who need to slow down, as you noticed. Isn't it a mystery, yet such brilliance and logic, that to find God, we must stop and listen? Oh my dear, it is good to see you! Happy day, and thank you so much for coming over to visit! Anita

  12. The RODEO!!

    What a fun challenge - we all need to do wild and wacky things in our lives. Have fun!