Friday, December 13, 2013

Paint is like lipstick for your furniture LOL

First of all it is FRIDAY people !!!! WHEW HEW and TGIF should stand for Thank God I am fabulous LOL (HEY toot your own HORN ..It's okay ) …

ON a serious PAINT note…. Me and My sweet sister have been painting at her house. .. She has decided to spruce it up a bit. Paint really is like Lipstick to your furniture. A little paint makes the world of difference. PLUS This Rusty Pearl has not painted in awhile ….SO it felt good to hold that brush !!!

 Here is a little of the Before . The fireplace was my project

She has had this house for 20 years.. SO she wanted to freshen things up !!

Here is the after 

She has new beautiful furniture to go with it 

Then she and my niece hit the walls with that beautiful sea foam green color. 

That is my sister ..hard at it 

Thing that happened The extra gallon of paint …DIDNT MATCH
Lowes did the right thing and gave her new paint.

BUT BROOKLYN my niece had to paint the walls over again 
She is a senior in high school and when I say she did a professional job 
I mean it.. OMGOODNESS turned out fabulous 

That is our super painter !!!

Here is the finished job she did 

The best thing was hanging with family. 

My little Niece played all day with her fancy purse I gave to her 

Have to brag isn't she the cutest ever !!!

She keeps her coupons and her sea shells I gave her in there …. Love that bundle of cuteness
Now Last night I was driving home and this was on the CURB.. HELLO
I see it as a rusty pearl my friends.. I am going to paint it like Pottery BARN .. I think its a diamond in the SOLID OAK  rough ..

                                                    Hey that is what I call FREE 90 FREE

And I will close with this ..Spread positive vibes today . SHOW love to everyone and be kind.

GOD bless you all .. Love Sherry (thanks for spending some of your day with me )

Thursday, December 12, 2013


From Jesus Calling !!!

Seek My face, and you will find fulfillment of your deepest longings. My world is filled with beautiful things, they are meant to be pointers to Me, reminders of My abiding Presence. The earth still declares My Glory to those who have eye that see and ears that hear. 

God chose to pour his light into us, so that we can be beacons to others. There is no room for pride in this position. Your part is to reflect his Glory … For he is the Lord. 

 I read this today and just wanted to share. Isn't this picture just beautiful. A gift for sure. I called these wishing weeds when I was itty bitty. I still pick them today and wish on them … Hope that your day is blessed. … Sherry @ THE RUSTY PEARL 


Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I have felt kind of BLAH !!

Normal every day life things going on  BUT 
Just Blah..

Then I was driving in my car to go and get lunch 

DO you see it? I know it is probably the traces of air craft -- etc. 
BUT when I see these I kind of consider it 
my nudge that GOD  is near me 

HE of course is in my heart. 
But its just a sign. I say give me a sign LORD and 
usually when I look up ..
I see the cross up there. DO YOU SEE IT ? 

Changed my whole day and BLESSED for it. 
What are some little nudges that you get? 

It was just a little reminder to me that even feeling BLAH he is near. 

Wanted to share this scripture with you. I saw it on a sweet friends blog yesterday and I wrote it down i loved it so much . 

I am the fruit you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit, Apart from me you can do nothing. This is to my fathers GLORY. That you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples. 

I just thought on that all day after I READ it . 

Thanks for spending apart of your day with me. 
xoxooxo HUGS 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


If God gives us STONY paths .. He will give us GOOD shoes ....God has no problems ...ONLY plans. .. I read this in a mothers inspirational book today and LOVED it !!! Not to mention was able to use one of my pics for the title picture... YAY !!!

Day 2 Picture ... I found this old shell.... I took pictures of all sides... YOU cant really see it but its very weathered and has little holes in it.  Prompted me to hold it feel it ...TOUCH it and appreciate the textures of it and the edges etc..  I then thought ..WOW wonder where it came from. What journey it had been thru to be now in my hands.. What it survived .. made me feel thankful. So this i will write in my book for Day 2.. I have now placed it at the end of my desk (shell) desk that is a constant project LOL .. BUT it has a home...and FREE 90 FREE cant put a price on that kind of beauty or GIFT from GOD .............The simple things.......

There is my shell desk that I have been working on for awhile.. It is all the shells over the years that i have saved or kids have given to me etc... Special vacations you name it . PRICELESS to me ..

The shell now has a home on my desk for me to admire and ponder where it came from and what JOURNEY it took to get here...............  (knowing full well its a gift from GOD )

Now Little Jelly  - Bean has been part of it all !!!!!!  She is for sure My little gift from GOD !!! OMGOSH who knew she could be such a JOY and bright spot in life .. LOVE little Jelly

She is not RUSTY but she sure is a PEARL (a PEARL to me is all things special)

I will close with this ....

I am ever so near you, hovering over your shoulder, reading every thought . People think that thoughts are fleeting and worthless, but yours are precious to me.  (says the LORD) ..

Isnt that awesome to think about GOD being near us .. I really do feel like I know GOD . I talk to him daily . I do have a relationship with him.  I loved when I read this .. Made me feel accountable for my thoughts and more conscious of my thoughts.. OUT with the YUCKY and only putting positive in sort of thing. ........................Thanks for following along.. HUGS and going to start a paint project this week YAY ................................... GOD bless and have a great rest of the day ...


Curb Alert!: Life with EIGHT CHILDREN! {and a DIY Sneak Peek}

Curb Alert!: Life with EIGHT CHILDREN! {and a DIY Sneak Peek}

I love this post and I have the same cute chairs --REMEMBER my beach chairs I bought . CHEWED up by boomer. Its a wonder you did not hear me from your house LOL .. Love it all hugs

Monday, December 2, 2013

Hope that your thanksgiving was blessed

From our family to yours. We hope that you were with those you love. We had a blessed simple thanksgiving. I love to take a group photo every year of all of them together at thanksgiving. Here are some of my Thanksgiving memories. BLessings everyone.. 

Hope that your table was filled with all those you love… My daughter once said food is better with a full table. 

I feel very blessed !!!

I look at these beautiful kids and I have a thankful heart. ……..

GOD is GOOD .. 

Now to start on some Christmas .. Remember Jesus is the Reason for the Season. Have a blessed day .. HUGS Thanks for letting me show my Thanksgiving memories with you