Tuesday, December 3, 2013


If God gives us STONY paths .. He will give us GOOD shoes ....God has no problems ...ONLY plans. .. I read this in a mothers inspirational book today and LOVED it !!! Not to mention was able to use one of my pics for the title picture... YAY !!!

Day 2 Picture ... I found this old shell.... I took pictures of all sides... YOU cant really see it but its very weathered and has little holes in it.  Prompted me to hold it feel it ...TOUCH it and appreciate the textures of it and the edges etc..  I then thought ..WOW wonder where it came from. What journey it had been thru to be now in my hands.. What it survived .. made me feel thankful. So this i will write in my book for Day 2.. I have now placed it at the end of my desk (shell) desk that is a constant project LOL .. BUT it has a home...and FREE 90 FREE cant put a price on that kind of beauty or GIFT from GOD .............The simple things.......

There is my shell desk that I have been working on for awhile.. It is all the shells over the years that i have saved or kids have given to me etc... Special vacations you name it . PRICELESS to me ..

The shell now has a home on my desk for me to admire and ponder where it came from and what JOURNEY it took to get here...............  (knowing full well its a gift from GOD )

Now Little Jelly  - Bean has been part of it all !!!!!!  She is for sure My little gift from GOD !!! OMGOSH who knew she could be such a JOY and bright spot in life .. LOVE little Jelly

She is not RUSTY but she sure is a PEARL (a PEARL to me is all things special)

I will close with this ....

I am ever so near you, hovering over your shoulder, reading every thought . People think that thoughts are fleeting and worthless, but yours are precious to me.  (says the LORD) ..

Isnt that awesome to think about GOD being near us .. I really do feel like I know GOD . I talk to him daily . I do have a relationship with him.  I loved when I read this .. Made me feel accountable for my thoughts and more conscious of my thoughts.. OUT with the YUCKY and only putting positive in sort of thing. ........................Thanks for following along.. HUGS and going to start a paint project this week YAY ................................... GOD bless and have a great rest of the day ...



  1. What a lovely and inspiring repost. I'm so glad you reshared it. You have such a wonderful view of the world and a way of sharing it in such a relate-able way. I always walk away from here with a smile.

  2. So inspirational! Thank you for sharing this!

    Jelly Bean is just the cutest. I love seeing photos of her!

  3. Awesome post! So happy you shared it again. Yes good vibes in, God is good! I always love visiting you makes me smile :) have a great day!

  4. Oh little Jelly is sweet. Sherry another beautiful post from your heart. Our God is so good.
    Thank you for sharing.

  5. Have a great weekend Sherry.
    Loved this post .

  6. I love knowing that God is always near. Even if I forget it for a bit, He's still there. I love your pearls. I hope you are having a great week!

  7. Just tonight as I sit here listening to music with candles and the house quiet, I am weeping, thinking of how good our God is. To think that He gives us LIFE? That we have been written in the book of life, and that we have a soul that is HIS? Praise Him.

  8. Wonderful and inspirational post Sherry, thank you for this. I actually will refer back to it often. Your blog is wonderful and I appreciate the words you write. And, Jelly Bean!? So sweet! Love the name and his little shirt! Have a blessed day my sweet friend!

  9. Sherry I am most at peace by the sea also. So glad to have found your blog. You have a special way with words.

  10. Sweet Sherry, thank YOU for coming to my post and sharing your kindness and love. Nature is God's painting and song and dance and I love to watch it unfold into a symphony of praise. Big hugs and wishes for a great week! Anita

  11. You are the sweetest!!!! I love your oceN photo that yes goes with this promise so well. And your seawashed shell... A pearl most treasured! Your lil jellybean is so cute wearing a sweater! Merry Christmas xo