Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I have felt kind of BLAH !!

Normal every day life things going on  BUT 
Just Blah..

Then I was driving in my car to go and get lunch 

DO you see it? I know it is probably the traces of air craft -- etc. 
BUT when I see these I kind of consider it 
my nudge that GOD  is near me 

HE of course is in my heart. 
But its just a sign. I say give me a sign LORD and 
usually when I look up ..
I see the cross up there. DO YOU SEE IT ? 

Changed my whole day and BLESSED for it. 
What are some little nudges that you get? 

It was just a little reminder to me that even feeling BLAH he is near. 

Wanted to share this scripture with you. I saw it on a sweet friends blog yesterday and I wrote it down i loved it so much . 

I am the fruit you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit, Apart from me you can do nothing. This is to my fathers GLORY. That you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples. 

I just thought on that all day after I READ it . 

Thanks for spending apart of your day with me. 
xoxooxo HUGS 


  1. God blesses us in the little things that happen in our lives. I was just talking to a friend who 2 years ago was devastated by her husband's affair and their ultimate divorce. Today she is happier than ever and realizes that it was not a good marriage and God nudged her to get herself in a better place. We just need to listen to him.

  2. That's so awesome! It's wonderful to get little nudges like that to remember He is always with you. Hope the rest of your day and week is fabulous my friend!

  3. I get it! I totally get nudged by God! And it's always when I'm feeling low and my heart is quiet and I make the time to talk to God and listen. It's a hard feeling to describe too because it seems like a coincidence when you explain it to people, but when it happens you just know it wasn't. Now put a smile on that pretty face and remember that you are loved!


  4. Such a wonderful feeling!! Glad you got it! :) Thanks so much for visiting and leaving sweet comments on my blog!! (: Happy Holidays!! xo Holly

  5. you have a ,.lovely heart to see God in the small things Sherry

  6. I DO see the cross, and I understand how something as simple as that can lift your spirit. We all feel "blah" sometimes...But it's nice when the Lord taps us on the shoulder and renews our mind. XOXO

  7. Awesome! Love those lil nudges too and agree, Joy is in the small things, He is everywhere if we just keep our eyes and heart open. Have a great week!

  8. Everybody needs that nudge now and then! Thank you for the reminder! Hope you are having a fantastic week my friend!!! :)

  9. God has such a gentle way of speaking to us, doesn't He?

  10. Hi Sherry, what a beautiful post and reminder that our GOD is always near. If we are still enough to see and hear, we know the blessings are always flowing. Sometimes they come in a little nudge and sometimes with a kick to the behind!!
    Christmas hugs my friend.
    Celestina Marie

  11. This is a beautiful post! I can always use a little Divine nudge and a friend filled with such a lovely spirit as yours! I wish you a wonderful day!

  12. You have such a beautiful way of looking at everything. Again, something someone else might not even have noticed, you find beauty in. You are one of a kind.