Thursday, June 12, 2014

 Wow ..Who knew turning 47 could be so amazing. A lot of changes are happening in my life and so many GOOD ones. One thing that has recently happened is I have taken a DNA test to find out my true ethnicity . I have been told that I am INDIAN my whole life.

Well boy did I open a can of worms for some of the ol timers. They don't care about their heritage most and for the most part they are good hearted country people. When I talk to them about things they say aw... It don't matter or let it go LOL . Thus I am now doing the family tree. All of the kids in the family need to know who they are . We don't come from Royalty or anything. BUT Actually we do .. OUR FATHER IS KING !!!! That is what matters the most don't you think ?  It is amazing to me how far in society we have come. Technology is a blessing and has connected us in so many ways. I give thanks for that.

But now that I reflect on things. .. I kinda did know all along !!! I love love love people . I love GOD I love music. I have always collected Catholic Art and Jewish things. I have just been drawn to them. I love soul music and thank GOD I was never born with a heart that saw COLOR > I think people and culture are beautiful. All of my sweet beautiful friends are of all color AS AM I .

I used to joke I bet there is a hispanic farmer somewhere with a white baby . I am Olive complected and My children all look like they are Italian or off of some VOGUE magazine LOL .

Come to find out .... I have new cousins who have twins in the family from La . They are african american  and when I got GWENS pictures .. I know now where beauty comes from in the family and the twins. She has taught me more of my family then anyone. I hope that our connection is of a great LOVE story . I hope to meet her someday and Love them all forever. When I saw her pictures I felt a connection . I can't explain it . MAYBE a little nudge from GOD.

Now My father gave me my great grandmas name (The supposed Indian ) Well she is straight up HISPANIC .... Which explains a lot to me . I have been asked my nationality my whole life . LOVED IT .. HELLO her last name was MORA .. He said Now to think of it I think she spoke spanish when she got mad .. DAD...Dont you think I should know this stuff LOL ...

Well the 23 & Me DNA test has linked me up with cousins that are 100% My family and it has been fascinating finding out WHO I am and I am 90 % European . Ancestors from Argentina , Mexio, Finland, Iceland, Ukraine, Islands (or Brittish Isles) It is amazing thinking of it all now..>MY body all along knew WHO I am ... and the things i love, the cultures I love, The friends I have .. All are apart of all of that. ITS awesome. NO wonder I adore the Sea ( MY PEOPLE ) have been surrounded by it . I am also Part Jewish ... Thus me collecting certain jewish Items I think . Catholic .. I have collected Catholic Art forever.

So I am who GOD has made me .. I am most of all full of love and thankful. I embrace it and thankful for it and I now know a little more about ME ... Thanks to those who have embraced me as family . I truly think we are put on this world to love ..Not for anything else.

So with a thankful heart .. Maybe you can all follow along in this journey AS I DISCOVER THINGS ABOUT ME. ... LOVE LOVE ...THE RUSTY PEARL ....Sherry