Thursday, January 31, 2013

From Trash to Treasure !! ( I see some PEARLS)
Okay friends... I went to LaPorte today and bought a beautiful cross from Dawn and then waited on my new friend Patti... For what seemed like HOURS (she bought a chair from me)
So... I took advantage of some wait time. I went into some
Great holes in the wall .. Thrift finds...And Just look at
some of my finds.... Do you remember this inspiration picture post ?
Where I am collecting clocks and on the hunt for them to make this...
Okay well scroll back up to my first picture. I did not find the exact LID .. but darn close dont you think... and I have two really cool little clocks to add now...
The FIND is the fun part !!!!
all the things in the first picture are finds.. Look what I did with the old frame.. I put Sydni and her boyfriend's picture in it .. She is my cousin Debbie's Daughter .. I consider her a NIECE !!!

I just think it turned out beautiful ........ I am now a firm believer of Bar Keepers Friend . It cleans everything ..... Plates you name it !!!!!

Here are some more of my Design on a dime finds. The little brass buckets .. One $1.99 and the other tad bit smaller one 99 cents... The book 99 cents .. The brass candle tub with the heart $1.99 I am goign to paint them and shabby chic those sweet finds and then will post the after for these ... The little green thing in the back.. WELL ... I am thinking plate holder at my shop. I have some Decor plates that needed a rack and WA-La works !!!!! $1.99 and that sign in the back says SIMPLE it is distressed already and already love its color.. (DOES NOT NEED ANY TLC ) can we say Happy Dance .. I pinn on pintrest and have a board called PURE and SIMPLE !!! ME LIKEY (lots) .. that was a whopping $5 I think it is well worth the find ....

Everything cheap OLA.. couldnt of got a better deal at a garage sale !!!
The brass Dad thing.. I will do with some kind of display for fathers day and the ink never go wrong for stamping...Valentines Day PINK .. The twine ..Is just awesome .. 99 Cents on that twine too ...

See the brass holder... LOVE it .. Cant you just see it with some paint on it !!!  LOVE LOVE

Jelly - Bean couldnt help herself... I deee clare !!! If I did not say Get down Jelly 100 times !!! LOL

In this book .. OMGOODNESS !!!! The possiblilities of all the pics and music.. ( I can see things framed , transfered, you name it .. projects..... Can we say 99Cents (LOVE)
And last not but NOT least.. Jelly - Bean back in trouble... WHEW weee .. who knew being a Pet Parent of a Recue kitty could be this much fun (and work ) ...
Good Night my sweet friends.. Thanks for your post. I really love them and comment back always !!!
Have a blessed evening ............... Sherrry



Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Okay friends.. I have done the design on a dime. I am not thru painting anything yet so Cant show that LOL ........ The shop... Showed those pics.. SO YOU know me... I will just blog about life..
I am somewhat of a prayer warrior .. ( I like to think so anyways)
I take it very seriously when a friend or anyone asks me to pray for them !!
Do you?
I think that it is very important when others ask us to pray that we dont just SAY (OKAY) your in my prayers etc... WHEN I say that I am praying for you .. COUNT on it .
I love my sweet friends who have been praying for me and so kind. Warms my heart . Friends like that make you want to PRAY it forward !!!
I have four children that I pray for Daily !!!
TEENS -- Well they need a blanket of prayer I think !!!!
I think my life has been so blessed since I walk around and focus on what is going right instead of what is going wrong ...
I would love to do a prayer list today .. WHO do we need to pray for ?
The WORD says that when three or more pray together ```Thy will be done
NOW I am not sure if that is word for word.. BUT what I do know is (there is power in numbers) 
My prayer request for you is ... Pray for me the perfect job (SOON) . My shop is doing great
but I still think I need to work full time.
What can I pray for you ? I just want to fill this page with prayer requests... PRAY it forward

Monday, January 28, 2013

Here is my little Rescue .. Jelly Bean... If my daughter is calling her she calls her MO -Betta LOL .. WHY I dont know LOL ... Needless to say Ol Jelly is grounded.... She broke TWO lamps in one week ... HERE she was caught in the act ...

Here she is on the craft Table .. (WHERE secondly she is NOT allowed to be on any table.. Clearly she is being UN- RULEY lol ......There was this silver swirly thing she was playing with .. I was like HMMMM what is that .. searched and searched to find out what and where did this come from and HOW did she get it on the Craft table ...............

WOOPS there it is ..............See something silver and swirley missing from my beautiful LAMP>> DID I say GROUNDED LOL

Now with all of that said .. No biscuits for Jelly ..................LOL .. GROUNDED .. Now onto some designs on a dime .. I have to share my finds with you ................ Tell me what you think ..

That little endtable.. WHICH is not staying in that spot. I wanted to take a picture.. The top part slides forward .. 1940's Piece and its a gun or jewelry safe that you would never know was there. They say that the ladies or men would put their guns in there at night and could push that top part up and get their gun or the jewels out.. Things were kept there for safe keeping .. I put the drawer in a little crooked but .................. Paid NOTHING for this beauty.. Talk about a STEAL

This cute little CROWN.. (loving Crowns right now ) $6.00 LOVEEEEEEEE it

This cute little Feather Jewel.............. $2.00 . I dont know why I had to have it .. BUT so glad that I did ............................

This coffee Table............. $4.99 one of my best ever ... I think ... LOVE LOVE LOVE this table.. Did I say LOVE ? ??  OH YES I did !!!!!!!!!!!!!
That COZIE right there (blanket) still had a $58 dollar tag on it... YEP a whopping $2.99 I have one very similar to it already .. LOVED it ... A good Desing on a DIME (Happy Dance)

Notice the pillows that went with the sofa when we bought new ... I was out thrifting and look at the curtains that I found to MATCH ...OMGOSH $5

I am changing them out though .> GOING lighter once I got them up lol ........ But for $5 bucks they will do for now .............

 My new love at my house is the pic below... ISNT she beautiful ... Was a christmas gift from my mom.................. I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know I love anything with a little RUST on it .. along with some of my beautiful gifts from the SEA !!!!!

and last but not least.. Got this cross from Tami (Curb Alert) Who I talk and thank all the time .. I just wanted her to know that This is a treasure for me................... Thank you ...

Hope that the new week brings you joy, love, and Happiness and tons of blessings .. Check out my treasure below from Tami @ Curb Alert ..

That Cross says it all ............I BELIEVE

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Well my friends............... Happy Sunday !!! SOULFUL SUNDAY that is .................

I decided to spend the day in prayer and thought of others etc... I thought .. I am heading to the BEACH ... so I can (SEA) clearly .  driving down 146 before I reach the ISLAND I always see the shrimping boats or these boats and I just love them. I love how hard these men and woman work to provide for their families.. I am usually zooming by to get on that bridge and cant pull over to take the picture of these boats that I always look at..SOOOOOOOOOOOO today I pulled over (thank the lord for Safe Picture taking and I took this from the little bridge.. I LOVED it . I stood there and looking thru my lense was just beauty to me.. The wind was blowing and I could hear the Sea Gulls squawking .. Just loved the Calm(ness) of it all ............

Now I have heard stories of people planting this sort of Grassy Mossy stuff in this area... BUT .. This old girl has been planted there for awhile. ..I bet she was a BEAUTY back in her day .. I want them to fix her up .. Seems like a waist to me... :(

Marti Gra is in full force on the ISLAND right now.. They are getting ready for the bead throwing parties and parades... This town eats, sleeps and breathes Marti Gra this time of the year... This was taken in one of the shops.. They even have their girls dolled up and getting dressed with the beads........

And finally .............My friend (The Sea) !!!
some say because she is not BLUE , Green that she is not worthy .. I say they can find another Island.. I love this place!!! I love these colors. THEY are PURE and they are SIMPLE and they are calming.. This Sea can tell stories if you listen .

I sat here for a long time and thought about things, Prayed about things. There were people out and about laughing ..But the beach was not crowded today .. Was very peaceful and the ones that were out RESPECTED her and seemed to enjoy her beauty as I did !!! I grew up near here and spent many of my highschool days on this very beach. I still love coming here. WHEN my babies were born we spent many days here building sand castles you name it. Boyfriends, dates , My friends, family time. I have so many memories .. BUT I must say those are all my favorite memories and  right along with the time ALONE that I spend.. Some people meditate .. I listen and watch.. Feels like I went to a far away land or spa.. NO better medicine.. It does cure anything that bothers you !!!!

This young family enjoyed the beach with their little one.. I could here the little one giggling ..was so awesome to see new eyes learn to love the ocean.. YOU think I wonder do they live here or are they visiting etc.. PEOPLE watching stuff and It was good to see kids enjoying the beach ...

Then the bike riders came out and  they seemed to fill the sea wall after awhile..
Then I saw this man carrying his little ones ... HE walked for miles it seemed down the Sea Wall with these kids in his hands.. I thought wow .. I know he had to be exhausted .. But those kids were full of JOY !!!

Then back to MY SEA !!! >NOTICE I claim it as mine.. I do really feel like it is a gift from GOD .. No one can build on it .. WELL you know what I mean. I know that their are structures etc.. BUT for the most part its JUST ours to LOVE .... (meaning all of us)..... The scripture that keeps coming to mind is ..................Today is the DAY that the LORD has made... BE glad and REJOICE in it !!

That is exactly what I did ................. Thank you Jesus for all your blessings.. As we move into the next week .. My prayer is that your all blessed !!!!!!!!!!!! HUGS from Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl

Friday, January 25, 2013

This picture was on a friends blog.. I loved it so much.. THUS coined the ( I CAN SEA CLEARLY NOW) ... I have said that I am most me by the SEA... It does make me see clearly.... NOT to mention .. I just got me some new SPECS friends and they are awesome... RIMLESS glasses and I am loving them.. looks like your not wearing any glasses..... NOTICE how I made all of that work together.................

My friends know that I cant see a thing

 Me in the back standing up ...and that day I had a wardrobe malfunction (YEP) Cause I couldnt see lol ......... Angie is on the left with the Hat and karen is on the right .. Hung with her today and laughed all day long I think she could do stand up comedy

TGIF ..stands for Thank GOD Im Fabulous LOL yes sir ye... Fridays MOTO !!!!!!!

Okay ya'll................ You know that it is  MY DAY (FRIDAY ) ... hmmm how do I love thee let me count the ways........... (THINKING ABOUT myself ) ..on fridays lol .. This is my effort into putting myself on my list... SO ... I did a small hot oil treatment on my hair.. The funny thing when it was done............YIKES... looked so oily .. LIKE fonzie on happy days.. I thought NOT GOOD !!! Then I just died laughing..... SOOOO this may take a year to come out of my hair.. BUT HEY (GOT my PAMPER on LOL ) ... had my eyebrows waxed... why yes I DID !!!! Did I mention she dang near took those SUCKERS completely OFF ... what to do .. Reminds me of when I came home one time and Kenzie the youngest had cut her bangs completely OFF . .I stood there in shock and she said THEY WILL GROW .. I had to smile... AND yes these EYE BROWS shall GROW .. I will be starting a growing prayer tomorrow LOL .. they are really not too bad.. BUT I sure notice the difference ... SO needless to say ... MY DOUBLE dose of goodness for myself (Backfired) BUT was so funny never the less... I love a good laugh ... And hanging out with Karen we laugh .. She is a mess.. She could be a comedian ... Well have a blessed evening and hope that your all so blessed you need four trucks and all your friends to carry it all.. REMEMBER take time out for yourself.. YOU never know you could have eyebrows like MINE ...I am laughing now so hard I may fall out of my chair.... LOL see you never know what I might blog.................... HUGs ...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Good Evening my sweet Blogging (family) Hope that this evening finds that you are all BLESSED!
Spent the day at the shop today .. Wanted to show you some of the new items that The Rusty Pearl has ....  By the way .. GO to my business facebook page and LIKE my page if you would.. That would be awesome... Helps me to network .....  Today was a blessed day !!!!! I made a few new friends today YAY and got alot done !!!!!!!! Tomorrow is MY day FRIDAY ..WHEWWW we doing a double DOSE of goodness to myself tomorrow LOL ........ and My daughter (14) Year old informed me that she is having a sleep over her plus three giggly girls .. .. Might need a PEDIcure for tomorrow and really Pamper UP !!! LOL .......... 

I love CROWNS you know.... I think I may have an inner princess .... WELL after all my Father is KING !!!!

This is one of my display's ... She is a little slice of Heaven .... Love it !!! and so easy to MAKE !!

I love all boxes... just drawn to them...........LOL

I think there is a little something for everyone .............. Love the RED .. great for Valentines Day !!!

The Next Picture is Angie and she has been  Painting some furniture.. Wanted to Feature The Burds Nest ... She has also started her blog.. You can go to her facebook page and link up with her new blog as well.. The Burds Nest Trading Post !!!

 She is putting wire in the bottom of this ol chair and then making this a planter !!! Will look awesome at the shop on the porch ... She will have all her furniture on her blog !!!

Another awesome girl at the shop is Karen She has the TOOTSIE"S Perch
Her shop has Texas finds... She has a little bit of everything check out some of her signs .
Be sure and Go to her facebook page and Hit LIKE !!!
The cross is something new at the shop.... Available for Sale
We also have Linda's That Special Gift Shoppe she has unique crafts and dolls .

Well these are few new items..... Thanks for looking and have a blessed evening...

************** any american IDOL fans ? If so I am not liking this Nikki Judge they have on there .. Just sayin ... TOO much !!! HUGS


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

God has a PLAN

God has a PLAN for me and I am smack DAB in the middle of it !!!!
That statement was on my friend Barbras blog. I had a fit and had to BORROW it !!!
Thanks for being my inspiration GIRL ...
I thought about that for a moment and thought ..HOW awesome is that ... .
I have been on the GO busy .. EVEN skipped my day FRIDAY OMGUSH .. well I will have to double up this friday and do extra special for myself. .
I have some great new items at the shop and will be posting some pictures of that tomorrow..
I just wanted to share something with you that I read.. SOME wonderful words
The other day ... JUDY sent me the most amazing gift in the mail . ...
It meant so much to me. .. I love something personal.. I read it now everyday ..
It has blessed me beyond words. I am trying to surround myself is positive(NESS) and positive people and she is for sure one of them. LOVE you and thank you JUDY !!!!
Here is something that I read...

I am creating something new in you : A bubbling spring of JOY that spills over into others lives. Do not mistake this JOY for your own or try to take credit for it in any way. Instead, watch in delight as MY spirit flows through you to bless others.. Let yourself become a resevoir of the SPIRITS fruit.. 

Isnt that beautiful... I just really wanted to share something from the soul today .. My friend WHO I met thru business , blogging, Facebooking, Has blessed me with something so beautiful and kind. I think about her going to the post office getthing this small book weighed and then sending it just for me. .. that someway I blessed her life enough to bless mine like that . THANK you just does not seem enough . BUT I wanted her to know that I love it and I am reading it and I am being so blessed by her kindness.... ...................... DO something kind for others... She showed that to me again and I am on ths journey .. WHO is with me............. Have a blessed day ... Thanks for being my blogging family

Okay the picture below is my Kitten (a rescue) Who I think rescued all of us.. We just love her .. Her name is Jelly- Bean .. She is a bit crazy.. But I dont think I would have her any other way .. When I come into my office she is in my way . She sits and just stares at the screen like she is reading it and soaking it all in .. LOL .. She will not move .. Here she is below .. LOL ..

Blessings, Sherry


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Love letters... ......................  I saw this idea on line and thought ... What a great way to show some love letters ............... Then Westin  walked in this morning ... (He stayed the weekend with me ) and this was the love letter that he gave to me... YOU all know how I love something personal ...

Just in case you want to see this up close.... Let me show you . .NOW he took the time to use special scissors on the sides and he thought this deserved a special frame.. WELL HE WAS SO RIGHT ... I told him HIS NAUNI (ME) Would blog about it .... and let me show you his finished LOVE LETTER for me.......

age 4... He would walk in and say how do you spell love ... I would tell him ...then he would run back and write it ...then come back in and say how do you spell Nauni ... ETC .. wonderful memory with him... .. I know I could blog about other things... BUT this was truly on my heart today .... A great LOVE LETTER from Westin .... (My daughters little boy ) WHO is the light of my life............................ HUGS and here is praying for you a blessed day .............