Sunday, January 20, 2013

Love letters... ......................  I saw this idea on line and thought ... What a great way to show some love letters ............... Then Westin  walked in this morning ... (He stayed the weekend with me ) and this was the love letter that he gave to me... YOU all know how I love something personal ...

Just in case you want to see this up close.... Let me show you . .NOW he took the time to use special scissors on the sides and he thought this deserved a special frame.. WELL HE WAS SO RIGHT ... I told him HIS NAUNI (ME) Would blog about it .... and let me show you his finished LOVE LETTER for me.......

age 4... He would walk in and say how do you spell love ... I would tell him ...then he would run back and write it ...then come back in and say how do you spell Nauni ... ETC .. wonderful memory with him... .. I know I could blog about other things... BUT this was truly on my heart today .... A great LOVE LETTER from Westin .... (My daughters little boy ) WHO is the light of my life............................ HUGS and here is praying for you a blessed day .............


  1. Oh how sweet! When a child is given the gift of freedom of expression, their minds can grow and flourish! What a blessing our wee ones are! Blessings to you and your loved ones
    ~Have Faith ~

  2. So precious! There's nothing like a love letter from little ones. The letters under the glass cloche-great idea! Have a wonderful week!

  3. Sweet Grandson, you are blessed. Love his framed love letter and the ones all tied up are beautiful like that too! ~Diane

  4. AWWW so sweet, your grandson is precious. Love the love letters in the cloche too.

  5. Hi ~~~ This is so ironic, just yesterday my little Eva made me a little note that said basically the same thing "I love you" The cutest part was that I had gone to bed early and my husband put her to bed, and then in the morning, there the note was, outside my door just waiting for me. Truly little children are the kingdom of heaven. They have the sweetest hearts.

    Pearl 13.1

  6. This is so wonderful to see, thank you for sharing this!

  7. So sweet!! A wonderful moment that you will remember forever. My little two year old grandson picked me a flower outside when he was leaving from a visit...and ran back up to the front door to give it to me. I'll never forget the joy that he had on his face and the joy that was in my heart.

  8. so stunning!
    Why don't we follow each other? ;)

    XOXO, Monika

  9. That is so sweet! What a thoughtful grandson :)

  10. Oh Sherry, what an absolutely precious little letter. I love those type of "special" letters. Hang on to that one. I have a few on my Frig right now.. From Grands and my hubby. Nothing more special. That is what love is all about. If we could learn to love like a little child. The world would be a much better place... I think Jesus knew that he called the little children to himself and said we could learn much from them.... Thanks! Love and Blessings to you!