Friday, January 17, 2014

Shipwrecked Faith

                                                      Found Picture off of the internet

               Do you have SHIPWRECKED FAITH? OR Do you have ANCHOR faith?

Just soak that in for a minute and look at that picture. GOD clearly sent him help . .. SEE the other ships in the picture (during this storm) which we all have. Or are they in the midst of their own storm and they all just have SHIPWRECKED Faith (praying but not truly trusting that all will be okay). I find that often times people do not realize you can be your own deciding witness .  I had a pastor one time that I visited in the hospital . He was diagnosed with Cancer. I said why didn't you tell anyone ? He said I want to be my own deciding witness. I know GOD can and will HEAL me. The others will be kind and pray but in their soul and self they really will be thinking poor Pastor and be some what doubtful. He said I know what I know and I am and believe I am healed. (And he was). The others would of had Shipwrecked faith ( how I see it and HEY what do I know really) just my thinking LOL

And He had ANCHOR faith. I have never looked at that the same BEING your own deciding witness.

Well I am trying this year to spread the word and Love of our father in heaven and I thank  you for this time you spent with me. I will be painting some furniture soon . I have not felt like it LOL So hey GOD is surely proud though …We are thinking and blogging about him.

Love, Sherry and have a SUPER blessed weekend.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lead and follow me

 Hey friends… First of all..check out this little nudge from GOD himself ( I have no doubt )

I was walking and FULL stop in my walk I look down and this was what I see. A beautiful Leaf which I did not disturb. I wanted to leave it for others to hopefully see. It looks like a cross. I was just frustrated with BOOMER . (BAD ON A LEASH ) and then he passed this and I did a double take whipped out the phone took a picture and all of a sudden.. I cleaned out the clutter (YOU know thoughts that don't matter ) the ones that shouldn't be in the BOX. .. So then I began to focus on how beautiful it was and the peace and started humming .. OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD .. I hummed it all day and reflected on things of the week and blessings and the LORD. That one leaf did all of that for me… LOOK AT what I saw on my walk .

I just stood back and watched them as I walked and I prayed and soaked in my surroundings.

I think PRAYER IS KEY .. The words came to me.. LEAD and FOLLOW ME .
I don't know why .. BUT isn't that awesome. Lead by example maybe . FOLLOW ME (from GOD)
Thats how I want to look at it. What do you think . It is pressed on my heart.

and in the end as you can see HE got better on the leash. 
I think sometimes it is okay to pray for simple things too. 

GOD is in all things big and small. 

I have a prayer request for a girl (Who I do not know)
A friend asked me to pray for her. 
She is having a hard time and just gave up her baby . 
I just know this must be hard for all concerned . 
She did a selfless thing and I ask that you join me in prayer and not judgment for her. 

Thank you for any prayers sent her way . 

GOD bless you all 

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Well we all need a happy place (MINE IS THE SEA) 

Good Morning my fabulous friends. First of all ..ISN'T GOD  just so good. I am on this journey of love and peace and it has made a difference in my life, My sleep, My appearance, My soul, My family. I can say this . I am looking at this life like a BOX.  It starts out empty. WE have to fill it up. YOU can only take so much with you around every day and its very important that you only put in what you need and are willing to carry and how will it bless others. I am trying to live this now and I just want you to know I am my own experiment LOL . AND it has brought me great joy !! SO GET IN THE BOX 

Earlier today someone really ruffled my feathers and I was so happy with my response to that person. I never dwelled and I even called that person up and said HEY I am going to church tonight do you want to go. The amazing force of GODS love was felt in their response. 

I am learning that the only true thing we can do in life is control OURSELVES in fact i think my Facebook status today was ( one thing we  can do in 2014 is we can control is ourselves. ) . I think as humans once we get the fact that we are in control of our JOY that life will become so much happier. 

I don't know what moved me to blog about this . BUT you know this thinker here LOL I blog what ever i feel about that day ..SO this is where I am at. Right along with DRINKING Water these days LOL I was told take half your weight and that is the amount of oz of water you should be drinking. IT has changed MY skin and I feel FULL all of the time so hey this RUSTY PEARL is sharing the news. I hope that my little post finds that your christmas was blessed and your new years is bright . I truly am blessed to share my life and apart of me with each of you . LETS ROCK This 2014 

Its all about what we put in that BOX. NO NEGATIVE energy . ONLY put in the GOOD