Friday, January 17, 2014

Shipwrecked Faith

                                                      Found Picture off of the internet

               Do you have SHIPWRECKED FAITH? OR Do you have ANCHOR faith?

Just soak that in for a minute and look at that picture. GOD clearly sent him help . .. SEE the other ships in the picture (during this storm) which we all have. Or are they in the midst of their own storm and they all just have SHIPWRECKED Faith (praying but not truly trusting that all will be okay). I find that often times people do not realize you can be your own deciding witness .  I had a pastor one time that I visited in the hospital . He was diagnosed with Cancer. I said why didn't you tell anyone ? He said I want to be my own deciding witness. I know GOD can and will HEAL me. The others will be kind and pray but in their soul and self they really will be thinking poor Pastor and be some what doubtful. He said I know what I know and I am and believe I am healed. (And he was). The others would of had Shipwrecked faith ( how I see it and HEY what do I know really) just my thinking LOL

And He had ANCHOR faith. I have never looked at that the same BEING your own deciding witness.

Well I am trying this year to spread the word and Love of our father in heaven and I thank  you for this time you spent with me. I will be painting some furniture soon . I have not felt like it LOL So hey GOD is surely proud though …We are thinking and blogging about him.

Love, Sherry and have a SUPER blessed weekend.


  1. Oh- I LIKE that, Sherry!!!! Anchor Faith- THAT is what I am aiming for! Beautiful post- xo Diana

  2. You have such a sweet sweet soul! So proud to call you my friend!

  3. Love this Sherry. Happy New year sweet friend God bless love Kate xoxo

  4. Good morning sweet Sheri! Faith is an amazing's the only thing we can't taste, touch, feel or hear, but only see when we all come together to DO the impossible. LOVE TO YOU!

  5. Good Morning Sherry, What a fabulous post. I love thinking of our faith as ANCHOR FAITH and this will surely shine through to everyone. Thank you for sharing this and the sweet story and teaching from your pastor. Beautiful and uplifting.

    Have fun with your painting project.
    Happy Weekend, Hugs

  6. I have never though about anchor faith, my friend. I do know I would have a hard time getting by without my faith. xo Laura

  7. That pastor sounds amazing. It would be hard to have faith in a situation like that! Thanks for the great post :)

  8. What a great post Sherry! You always make me "think".
    I wanted to let you know my blog address has changed. I hope you will stop by and follow me. I hope to be posting again real soon. I'm at
    Thanks Sherry!

  9. OK-
    Well this has me thinking, which is a good thing!
    Have a blessed weekend.