Thursday, February 6, 2014

Blast from the PAST

                                                      Found on internet (not my image) 

Good Morning my beautiful friends. Today is thursday and On face book it is throw back thursday . I think everyone finds a picture of themselves from way back when and posts it. So that got me to thinking ..HMMM What can blogging thursdays be… NOT a clue !!! LOL 

 SO I thought I would share some of my favorite 2013 Memories of my family. Hope that is fine with you guys. .. HUGS and thanks for learning a bit about my beautiful family . 

Hey for Texas that is COLD That is the little bit of Sleet we got this morning . Looked like Dippin Dots LOL 

                                                             Kenzie and Trigger 

                                            Me and kenzie laughing until our ribs hurt. LOL 

                                                   some awesome furniture make overs …

                                          My twin girls. They are just as beautiful inside as out 
My handsome SON (who Is as beautiful on the inside too as he is on the outside ) 

                                                My favorite saying for 2013 --This says it all 
 My favorite gift for 2013 From the sweetest little boy on the planet…. Have a blessed day . Been so swamped with work etc. Wanted to blog something and read the blogs today and say hello. HUGS and love and peace and happiness wished to all of you ..toodles 


  1. Love that quote and although we don't have a 'real' beach, our Lake Erie beach might have to do! Your children are just beautiful Sherry!

  2. I have never heard the bird quote and I LOVE it.

  3. You have such a beautiful family!!

  4. Your family is so beautiful/handsome. I loved your pictures, getting to know you a bit better and your favorite inspirational quotes.

  5. What a great look back, and you have such a beautiful family, sweet friend. xo Laura

  6. Hello my friend! I miss you!!!! What a beautiful bunch you have..especially the last pic.. that is super be loved by what I am sure is the best Grand....Love it when they do special little things like that... Have a great week Take time again to laugh til it hurts and enjoy life! Blessings!

  7. Love the bird quote. Sherry your family is gorgeous. Love the pics and the look back. Precious memories for sure.
    Yes, here in North Texas we had snow and ice yesterday with temps only in the teens. It is freezing this morning too. Very strange for us. I am so ready for springtime.

    Have a great weekend sweet friend and stay warm.

  8. You have such a beautiful family! I love the bird quote you posted. So good! I hope you get a little less busy with work soon so you can relax. Have a great weekend, Sherry!

  9. It is always fun to look back! Looks like you have a beautiful family, Laura

  10. OmGoodness! Sherry! What a beautiful family!
    I totally understand keeping up with blogging under work stress! Sometimes you have just enough time to pop in, but not always the time to leave a comment or email response!
    Have a wonderful week! I hope that you have a chance to get to the beach!

  11. What a lovely family Sherry. I enjoyed the blast back, thanks for sharing with us :)

  12. You have been blessed with a beautiful family and a good life. ~Diane