Monday, October 29, 2012

Helpful Hint

Hi everyone... Hope that today was beautiful and blessed for each and everyone of you. I wanted to share a helpful hint from  my mom (an artist) painter... first of all she swares by the PURDY brushes !! She has used all the expensive ones and finds that the PURDY'S always do the job on refinishing the furniture.  .. TIP:  After you use your brush (Her art teacher back in the day ) taught her to take some conditioner in your hand and then tap your brush into the conditioner. It will keep your brush from getting stiff and will keep it in new condition. Do not have to rinse the conditioner out of the brush. You can dip the brush into the paint the next time you use it. The conditioner has done its job.............. Hope that this helps you . I know the friends that I have shared this information with LOVE the tip !!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Power of I AM !!!!

Happy Sunday everyone... .This evening I watched the life class with Oprah and Joel Olsteen and I must say that It really moved me. I thought I would take the time to blog about it. ... Have you ever said I am this or I am that.. I am poor, I am fat, I am tired etc...The list of our recordings go on and on.. However If we will wake up each day and simply start off with THANK YOU !!! See what they mentioned was true (GOD HAS ALREADY WRITTEN OUR STORY) .. So if you dont like the page you are on...SIMPLY hang on and turn the page. We really are where we are supposed to be. It is truly (I THINK ) how we handle it that matters. Start your new I AM"S .. tell yourself that your amazing, Fabulous, ...Even beautiful. ( When I heard them say ..Tell yourself your beautiful !!!! I was like WHAT ? ?  ? WHO does that ? ) God does. When we honor and respect ourselves, I think we honor GOD.... SO having said that I hope that you change your recordings that you play in your mind and start new positive ones... I will start my day when I wake up from now on with simply ...I AM THANKFUL.... Tell me what you think ... Have a blessed week everyone .

Saturday, October 27, 2012

MY Designs on a DIME

These are a few of my Design on a Dime finds... The long hall table $10 the desk $20 the flowers had a $269 dollar tag on it WHAT !!! I PAID ONLY $4.99 ............



Blogs I Follow...

I would also love for you to follow my sweet friend on her blog. I get so many awesome ideas from her... She is called Curb Alert.. She has some of the coolest ideas and blogs and She is just an awesome person..... I ONLY surround myself ya know with Awesomeness !!!!!! Check out her block ...

Designing on a DIME

Good Morning my little rays of sunshine.... I am up this morning and thought I would share my thoughts on designing on a DIME> I love things to look like they are a million bucks but paying thrifty prices for them... MMMM I call my self somewhat of a treasure broker ..Picker ..I like to cut out pictures in magazines of things I LOVE .. I love the  old italian looking plank tables .. (thats what I call them ) and then I found one at a little resale in a small town for $60 dollars. Saved myself hundreds... All it needed was a little elbow grease... I will upload some pics of a few more of my thrifty finds.... It really helps to keep some mula in the bank.. My prayer is for all of you to have a blessed week.. .Thanks for following me on this journey ...

Friday, October 26, 2012

This indian loves this : )

A Little About The Rusty Pearl and Me

Hi everyone.. Thanks for following me on my blog. I look forward to making some great life long friends and cant wait to get to know each and everyone of you. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Sherry (owner) of The Rusty Pearl.. A little resale shop that will be located in The Burds Nest Co-op. I love GOD , My family, My friends, .. .I love the SUN and I love the RAIN .. I feel most ME .. Beside the Sea...that sums me up. .... I am currently bringing life to some old furniture and I look forward to sharing with you the progress. I look forward to your ideas and input as well.

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