Saturday, October 27, 2012

Designing on a DIME

Good Morning my little rays of sunshine.... I am up this morning and thought I would share my thoughts on designing on a DIME> I love things to look like they are a million bucks but paying thrifty prices for them... MMMM I call my self somewhat of a treasure broker ..Picker ..I like to cut out pictures in magazines of things I LOVE .. I love the  old italian looking plank tables .. (thats what I call them ) and then I found one at a little resale in a small town for $60 dollars. Saved myself hundreds... All it needed was a little elbow grease... I will upload some pics of a few more of my thrifty finds.... It really helps to keep some mula in the bank.. My prayer is for all of you to have a blessed week.. .Thanks for following me on this journey ...

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