Monday, October 29, 2012

Helpful Hint

Hi everyone... Hope that today was beautiful and blessed for each and everyone of you. I wanted to share a helpful hint from  my mom (an artist) painter... first of all she swares by the PURDY brushes !! She has used all the expensive ones and finds that the PURDY'S always do the job on refinishing the furniture.  .. TIP:  After you use your brush (Her art teacher back in the day ) taught her to take some conditioner in your hand and then tap your brush into the conditioner. It will keep your brush from getting stiff and will keep it in new condition. Do not have to rinse the conditioner out of the brush. You can dip the brush into the paint the next time you use it. The conditioner has done its job.............. Hope that this helps you . I know the friends that I have shared this information with LOVE the tip !!!!


  1. HI Sherry
    So nice to meet you thank you for connecting on Facebook! Looking forward to sharing in the exciting journey along with you!

    Warm regards
    Kate @ Salvage Dior

  2. Thanks girl... I am now your follower. I am so excited that your following me. I love your blog and Curb Alert told me how awesome it is .. Thanks so much for joining me on this journey !!!!!

  3. Thanks for wonderful info. I did painting for long time and did not know about this. Memphis friend!

    1. Glad that you liked it girl . Did it work good for you ? WIshing you and your family a very blessed thanksgiving : )