Friday, November 15, 2013

Why do some birds sit alone

I was driving Kenzie to school this morning and as I was leaving her school I noticed birds on a wire. I sat there a minute just looking at them and it occurred to me that some birds sit alone. I looked back at the kids entering into the school and I noticed that most high schoolers were in groups and then there were the select few that were solo.

HMMM I began to stare at the birds. SO MUCH SO that the honking started behind me. I was so intrigued that I drove back around to look at the birds one more time.

I got these bird pics off of google but this was the exact same vision i was seeing.

Notice that one bird to the left : ( 
I thought it was just sad 

Then I thought of the high school and those kids that sat alone and why is society like this. WHY are some (Even animals) more social than others? 

I am sure that I can google a great answer or ask someone the correct answer to this question. 
However .. YOU know ME .. I want everyone to PLAY NICE LOL 
Even the birds LOL 

Then I noticed the bird on the left Might be the smart bird. 
It is definitely either PREGGERS or it eats more than the others. 

HMMM So I guess even with HUMANS we have our reasons. 

As silly as it all sounds. I don't like people having to sit alone. 
I am going to tell Kenzie to go and talk to that kid that was sitting there with their head down. I know we never know what is behind closed doors  but 
I am all about LOVING others 
SO . I guess if you see that coworker or that person sitting alone today 
Maybe we might just be the difference that they need 
Maybe they need us to be the person to break that ice. 
And if they just want to be alone HEY we can respect that
HOWEVER greatness gets achieved in NUMBERS don't you think . 

I guess my mission and thoughts today are ..


I promise if i could of scooted that bird over to the other birds I would OF !!! LOL 
TOODLES .. Hey food for thought 


  1. This is SO true!!! I love those thoughts! AND I take pictures of birds lined up on wires! Really I do. It has fascinated me since I was a child. The other day I took some and my husband knew I was having a "blog thought"...haha.
    Thanks for this lovely food for thought.
    xo rachel

  2. When I was teaching, one of my favorite moments was when I called kids to my classroom who had already purchased their yearbook. I was finishing up and I wanted to make sure that everyone who spent the money on the book had their photo in more than for the class portrait. It was nutrition and a little 6th grade special ed student shyly entered my room because it was the hangout for the "popular" kids. I asked him if he was in any clubs and if he knew of times that his photo had been taken. He said no so I told him to go bring back some of his friends for a group photo. He said that he had no friends. A group of kids sitting there grabbed him and said, "we're your friends". They formed a circle around him and a grinning little boy had his photo in the yearbook surrounded by a big group on kids. He held both thumbs us in the photo and it was one of the cutest pics in the book last year. That easy gesture by the 8th graders made Ali's day.

    1. Carol, that is one of the sweetest stories I've heard in a long time.

  3. Great post Sherry. I think sometimes we forget that the person sitting alone isn't always doing it because they want to. It could be they feel estranged, unloved, unworthy... who knows. We all have our story. High school can be a very difficult time for most, and even more so for some. I think this post reminds us that we are not meant to be alone, and we should be kind to others just because we're all human, and we have so much to share with each other. Being kind to each other doesn't cost us one penny, but the reward can be priceless.

  4. I have a tendency to at least say hello to people. There response quickly lets me know if they want to be left alone. xo Laura

  5. I'm with you- especially if the person is lonesome. Here is something funny though- I sometimes go out to dine alone and do not mind being alone in a dining room at all. I know it bothers some people but I am okay with it. My hubby could never do it-xo Diana

  6. I hate seeing people alone as well. It breaks my heart when I see someone at a restaurant all by themselves. I want to invite them over to my table, but I'm a little shy. Hopefully one day I'll work up the courage to do it :)

  7. If course you would. I could just see you doing You are gifted with hospitality and make people feel at home... I swear you were born in my long lost sister... Love my visits with you. Blessings!

  8. Oh Sherry, you are such a sweet soul!

  9. Love this - because it reflects just how thoughtful you are, it's such a special quality my friend! Be proud!

  10. Hi Sherry, I have also seen the birds that sit on the wire. You put this all in prospective so well. My heart has always gone out to those that seem to be alone. They may want it that way, but it always touched my heart. In high school I hated to see someone at lunch all by themselves. I would go over and sit with them at their table.
    You are such a dear and special person Sherry. God has shown favor upon you.
    Be Blessed my friend.

  11. love this post sweetie.
    And we have the same heart in thinking what can we do to make sure no one is alone...if we can help it.

    hugs and blessings

  12. What a lovely reminder. I am impressed that in the middle of your routine, you stopped and took notice of something most people would look past. Then, to put so much thought to what sets some birds apart from others and how that is parallel to people, what a beautiful insight. With moms like you, the next generation will be a better one.

  13. Great post! It's so great to encourage our children to be more thoughtful of others! There is so much bullying going on in schools that it makes my heart ache for these children who are "alone" and hurting! Have a blessed week!

  14. What a perfect reminder! LOVE THIS!

  15. I love that you are all about loving others. That is beautiful. This is a great post. If some needs time alone- great, but if they would like a friend, I hope we will be there for them.

  16. I WAS the child eating alone many many times. Being a navy brat and changing schools every 3 years forced me to go through it so many times. But it made me strong and independent, and good at making new friends. If it weren't for the sweet kids who took me under their wings I would have never learned to do the same for others probably.♥

  17. Sherry, what a beautiful post. I think it's just great that you STOPPED and took time to observe something so simple. Especially this time of year -- we need to do that more often. Stop and observe and take in as much as we can and YES, look for those who seem to be out there 'on their own' and be willing to be that one to 'come along side'.

  18. That is such a great reminder for all. Have a great day!

  19. Thank you so much for visiting me
    and leaving such a kind comment
    I am your newest follower now

  20. I was the kid sitting alone at High School, for so many reasons, so as a teacher I try to tell my pupils not to leave anyone alone. But sometimes, it also has to do with personality, and it is very difficult to grasp as a teen that we shouldn't all be the same!