Friday, November 22, 2013

Getting to know me POSTS

I had a sweet friend message me on the blog the other day .. Her post said she loves the Getting to know me posts !!

OH yea . Had an AH -Ha moment and I thought YES ..
My posts lately have been just me thinking and getting to know me. 
I still paint and resale and work and make things etc. 
BUT  said when I started this blog if you love, GOD , family, Friends etc then this is the blog for you !!
I share what I think LOL 

Say what I think and that can be good or bad. 

BUT I really feel we are among friends here 
I see your family in posts, Pray for people you need prayer for and YOU just grow to love people. I think GOD meant for us all to know and Love each other. 
I truly wish we were all living on the same BLOCK OMGOODNESS 
How awesome would that be. 
 I want each of you to tell me something about you. 
This is my get to know us better MONTH I guess. 
I need to paint something or show a design on a dime or something. BUT I am blogging like a journal lately and thats awesome too. 

Each night lately my older kids that live and go to college elsewhere 
we group text. I have had some funny laughs with these kids . Last night I group texted everyone a baby picture. WE all laughed when my son 
said …

FOR REAL THOUGH .. I should of been the actor or on a poster or something . 
Then he said or maybe that picture in a new frame that people buy. 
I laughed so hard. We all texted and laughed. SO 
…GROUP texting random stuff can be a way to communicate with all the siblings and laugh . OF course we call. BUT the silly stuff we come up with is pretty funny and I hope they laugh and look back some day on the random thoughts of their mom .. LOL 

Then they all started saying can I bring my dog Lars, or TYSOn to thanksgiving. HOLD UP people we may have  a zoo. I said YES LOL 

SO I think my group text tonight will be HEY y'all 
TGIF (thank god Im fabulous) then I will follow it with 
YES I am awesome .. the word ends in ME LOL 

YES were throwed just a little Laugh out LOUD 
BUT they are positive people and I just love them so much 
SURROUND yourself with POSITIVE 


  1. THIS was a fun post, Sherry. I think "family only jokes" are so much fun-things that outsiders would never begin to "get". Hope you have a great weekend- xo Diana

  2. Something I have never written about on my blog - my husband and I were Peace Corps volunteers in Jamaica in the early 70s. Our son, JP, was born in Halfway Tree, Jamaica.

  3. Isn't it nice to have precious family and friends with whom to communicate? What would we do if we couldn't interact? I'd go mad....good morning! Anita

  4. It's nice to see another family having fun with texts. Texts are great when you become a grandparent - my son often sends me pictures with a short sentence or two about what Lucy is up to.

    Something you might not know about me since you just started reading my blog is that 3 of my 5 kids are adopted (Korea, Romania and Thailand), and one of them is a multiple amputee.

  5. Fun post! One thing I'm sure you already know about me, I am a huge animal lover! My life would be so dull without my furry and feathered friends :)