Friday, November 8, 2013

Something GOOD in every DAY

See I am a visual person... AN OPTOMIST... LOVER of PICTURES AND LIFE

I have been doing a lot of thinking about (WHAT I WOULD DO DIFFERENT IF I HAD A DO - OVER ? )

Life is so fast paced and I am a people watcher for sure. Sometimes I go and sit on the SEAWALL and just watch the hustle and bustle of it all and the people  and their expressions. YOU can see who is struggling, Who is having hard times, WHO hates life, Who is sick. I find that I can see this in people. I have that GIFT and I am usually DEAD On !!! But lately I have been thinking What would I do over. WELL First of course The obvious decisions - Dont jump into things without thinking clearly etc SORT of life things. BUT If I could do what I love and get paid for it . DANG that would be ideal !! I have always known that my calling was orphans. I have never worked with orphans ( I married one) But I always have had this soft place in my heart for a child who had no mother . I feel something in my soul when I hear of them and read about them ETC. I searched for years to find something near where I lived and NOTHING . SO I do toy drives and other things to do what I can , I PRAY constantly for those I see or read about . BUT once life happened, kids family I never moved anywhere that I could of been of service. I THINK now I would do that differently --I would head there with my family in TOW for sure. WHAT would you do ? NOT that we are not loving and thanking GOD for our JOURNEY because I am full aware of my blessings. I just think had I known different I may have taken that path. HEY and still MAY someday.

I do feel that there is so much heartache in this world  BUT I am a glass half full kind of girl. SO whereas I am fully aware of the NEWS and our own life situations and heartaches I think THERE Is something GOOD in every day . I think once we think like that OUR life and situation will change for the right and best direction. I think that the rest of the time GOD has me here on EARTH I am best to head in that direction and concentrate on the things I can change and NOT dwell so much on the things I can not change. What is your thoughts on that?  See if you were in my living room or driving with me in my car. THESE random thoughts well they just POP up and I would say HEY what do you think about this or that?  I have people in my life that are loners and I think SOOOO SAD . I LOVE LOVE LOVE PEOPLE they amaze me and the more I can love or hug I FEEL COMPLETE . It only hit me that way in the past TEN years or so I think . MORE focused on that in the last THREE. SOMETHING SHIFTED >>>HMMM COULD IT BE 40 ?  Maybe but I love that part of life. PEOPLE are amazing, The good ones are LOL .. WELL just a thinking today and was wanting to have a conversation .. What would you do different?


Well he still EATS everything.. What I would also do different .. DOG TRAINING LOL 

And OL Jelly-Bean - She is perrrrr-FECT . She tolerates BOOMER and she is still just as sweet as ever !!! I love little Jelly Belly

Now a little breathing space. Just to show you where my mind and HEART is .. LOTS !!! Have a blessed weekend and I thank you for the time you spent here reading what I have to say . I am thankful to be apart of your life in some small way .. TOODLES and HUGS xoxoxoxox Sherry


  1. Your animals are too cute! Love seeing photos of them. I love your thoughts and how you share them here. I agree that you can find something good in every day! And I'm blessed that I don't have many regrets. I feel like if I did what I thought was right at the time I never regret it. Even if it didn't turn out how I expected, I definitely learned something from it. No regrets!

  2. I would love to spend some time just sitting and chatting with you. It would definitely be some interesting and challenging conversation and much laughter....I have many regrets but the one I have had to give to God and trust that He still has a mission for my hubby and the day we left the Lighthouse in the Mtns. Rescue Mission....we sold our home....bought a huge range style home on 10 acres..took in women who were struggling with issues....12 at a time...drugs, neglect, abuse...whatever...they lived with us and we ministered to them in the name of was a wonderful time....we saw God work in wonderful ways...provision, purpose, life changed....the children came on the weekends...God was faithful!!! It was awesome!!! We left it several years ago....we allowed Satan to wear us down...difficult ministry but by far one of the most rewarding things we have ever done....I know God has not given up on us....We still serve in the prisons and minister to others on a daily basis...just miss that ministry! Well, enough of that..... I do know is never to late to do great things for God....There is nothing He will not and cannot do in a willing heart...Love our visits! Blessings! by the way.. you would have been great with the women we ministered too... They would have loved you!

  3. Oh- What a good post. The thing of it is-if I had done anything differently my life would not be where it is today. Would that have changed the course of my life- would I have these children, these grandchilden, the place I call home? I fully believe that we are where we are supposed to be when we are supposed to be there. The funny thing is that I think God knows what choices we are going to make long before we do. I WOULD change my ability to listen to GOD more instead of being so self-directed sometimes.

    God bless ya- this was a great post- xo Diana

  4. You are such a deep thinker. {Thank the Lord for deep thinkers!} Orphans have always softened my heart as well. I wish I could take in every single orphan, and hate hearing stories about children in these situations being mistreated and unloved. :( Lovely post. XOXO

  5. Hi Sherry, what a wonderful post filled with heart and soul. I can certainly see you helping and working with orphans. I know I am working within God's calling painting and hopefully bringing joy to those through my designs. Even though I have worked in many areas while studying painting. My Dad once told me, " Find what you love to do and you will never work another day of your life" I have found this to be so true and with God's direction it has happened. Perhaps you still have much to do in your dream to help those without a mother and dad. Follow you heart my friend.
    Have a great weekend.
    Love, Celestina Marie

  6. Your pets are so darn cute! Oh I love the ocean too, wish I could live there!

  7. Wow Sherry there is so much in this post, where to start lol. First, I love that quote! Boomer Jelly Bean are adorable and well random thoughts... I can SO relate to that as well. When I think back though I wouldn't change a thing since every thing I've done and gone through has made me who I am today. God is good! I can totally see you working with kids, Have a great week!

  8. Love the quote . . . we all need to stop and focus on the good and let the bad go . . . easier said than done, but possible with baby steps.

  9. Hi Sherry, First of all, the quote is true! It's just as easy to look at the good things in life as the negative. So much negativity out there.....negativity gets way to much credit with people (that's a pet peeve of mine). You're a thinker like me, you have a HEART for people! God does have a "special" place for you, Ask him....he will open the door! Has life turned out for me the way I thought it should? No......but God is in control.....I refuse to have regrets because I am a daughter of the King...he knows all my mistakes and heartaches, and when I stay obedient to him, he blesses and fulfills me to the brim! My heart is for lost souls.......people tell me I have a gift of faith in healing.....oh, but like you, Sherry, I can look at faces and see things deeper....I believe you have the gift of discernment......God puts people on your heart. You are an intercessor, your heart must pray for those that God is pointing out. I love this posting - Boomer and Jelly bean are adorable! Blessings my sweet sister~~~Roxie

  10. What a beautiful and inspiring post. I love some who shares what they are thinking and asks deep interesting questions. I love that you are a glass half full kind if girl. I try hard to be but definitely have moments were it is half empty. You have such a sweet soul, it comes across in every post I have the pleasure of reading.