Thursday, May 30, 2013

Well if that is true .. MAN I am blessed. !!! I cant sleep half the time ... so now When I am laying there awake .. I am going to say .. HEYYYYYYYYY someone is dreaming of me LOL or thinking of me .. Maybe praying for me. ...

Speaking of Prayer .. I just want you to know .. I can feel when someone is praying .. YOU know when your world is just falling apart and YOU somehow just GOT THIS !!! HECK lately I have coasted thru some STORMY things and Just like my one post said HEY if GOD gives us stony paths.. HE IS SURE TO GIVE US GOOD SHOES ..and he does.. something's just have a way of working themselves out .. Having said that I love a good prayer warrior .. They keep us covered like sweet blankets.. Thanks so much to all our prayer warriors.

Tonight I spent some serious time with my blogging friends (YALL) your blogs are amazing and just puts words in my fingers as I type. I want to discuss it all and or just soak it all in. Just another way GOD shows me that there are like minded (yoked) out there in blog land. I go to some of your blogs then I feel like I went to see a friend. I FEEL FULL.. or I see the grand kids or kids or someone talk about their Journey and I think GOD is so good. DONT you feel like that sometimes. IT is a great line of love and communication ..SO full of thanks after reading some of them. I get ideas on how to make things.. HOW to think or process something.. or a good scripture.. I just want to say thank you . I guess I just feel JOYFUL and full..

What I learned today is .....YOU never know !!! Meaning today is one thing and tomorrow might be another . I think if we put the armor of GOD on .. I think whatever we don't know ...might just be okay.. I don't really like the saying if it don't kill you it makes you stronger.. I think HARSH there just a little bit .. BUT What I do think is ...If you made it thru something YOUR blessed and you have been given an opportunity to share .

YOU know the old question what is your purpose... I know to Spread GODS love and word .. .. But do you ever wonder ... What am I supposed to be doing.. I am 45 WHEWWW NELLY Hold the fort ..Did I really say that outloud.. WHY yes I did .. AGE Is Just  number girls... 46 next Thursday GOOD GRAVY (already)  and I feel like I just was born or something .. I Have lots to do .. sooooooo future post will be BUCKET LIST ...and maybe one day we can all (next year ) OH near JUNE lol plan a cruise or something .. That would be soooooooooooo fun... anyways I started typing like I was talking and HEY got off track .. BUT what I meant to say is what is your purpose..YOUR gift and what do you want to do with the next SHIFT in your life or phase or chapter.. I say lets do something good......

GOD is so good and I pray your last thought tonight after you pray for all you love is .. HOW thankful you are to have life and GOD leading the way.... HUGS and I really do wish we were all just neighbors already ... TOODLES

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hi everyone... I wanted to say Thank you to SOUTHERN BELLE Magazine for featuring me in the magazine... Showing some of my attention to detail in decorating my home and my photographs (I love taking pics) ... Most of all for mentioning my blog.. The Rusty Pearl name ... YOU name it . I wanted to do jumping Jacks.. I felt proud and thankful .. I meet so many great people on this blog.. That I just want to love for the rest of my life.. SO I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to SOUTHERN BELLE for making my day !!! .. It is a great magazine and I love all the features !!!

---- Yall know that Wednesday is friend day .. I go walking at work with some friends and I met this lady walking ..>Each day she is doing something UNIQUE.. I would love to just sit and talk with her.. She would be walking she wears this Asian hat and you hear no music she is dancing to life sometimes I pass her she is smiling bigger than anthing and she keeps on moving waving her arms like doing the wave or she is shimming and dancing.. I snapped a pic of her.. She is my friend she just does not know it yet LOL .. LOVE her spirit and zest for life.. I just GET HER LOL

here she is below ...

That is her dancing and walking --she is always alone and HAPPY . .LOVE her ..

I have been on this kick where if you sit long enough (30 ) minutes something will happen .. Well I was looking at the sun the other day .. If you get real quiet you hear LIFE around you .. a hummm and its true.. GOD'S creatures they happen by .. Or you see a beautiful weed even in the garden that somehow just is beautiful and deserves to be there... saw this one walking into work.. I thought .. LOOK what it has been thru and its bloomed anyway and just beautiful .. It just deserved to be there.. SO I saw a guy that looked like maybe he was gardening.. I said Can you leave that one .. He said sure....SO now everyday I am looking to make sure its still there and if I have water left in my water bottle at the end of the day .. I water it ..

see below :

YEP that's my sweet flower LOL ...

Well I just wanted to close with .. we are on this journey .. Take out some time out of your day and soak it all in . Be thankful for it .. GOD is so good.. I see it so much in all I do . I feel so blessed and thankful.... Have a blessed week my sweet friends and thanks for giving me some of your time and love and inspiration . YOU really do bless me... HUGS --- I am so glad GOD crossed our paths in this life.. I am better for it ... TOODLES !!!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Good Evening my sweet friends and family .. I am settled now and missing blogging every other day like I used too..SOOOOOO here I go.. First of all I love this picture don't you . I think I could be very happy there ... Little shanty on the beach.. Few linens to dry in the salty air.. And my music and noise the waves that crash.. Well crash to most ..Talk to me. .. (see me and that ocean ) we have a good relationship !!!

Love, Hope, Serenity ..

I was going to google the definition and I decided not too.. I think they say enough and Today I was reminded of those three words... My sweet friend and Co-worker Janie  (with the help of her little angels ) Gave me this sweet bracelet and gift. We have had a lot going on at our work and we have stayed quiet and strong and just focused on what is good and right . I am so very proud that in this journey GOD crossed my path with her...Also my sweet friend I will call her MeMe she is a living doll and her spirit and gift for GOD and doing good..She is  such a bright light. When I started this job.. It is hard being the NEW GIRL .. I would sit in my car at lunch and just read or something and one day my sweet friend TONI .. My very first friend in my new area .. She approached me and said come and walk with me at we did ... and we talk about GOD and faith and I found it ..Just what I needed.... Then she introduced me to GINA and she is a total inspiration and gives me some ah ha moments all the time. SHE reminded me .. Any negative Nellys ever come your way .YOU say Take that up with GOD... He gave me this JOB or this blessing ..SO my whole week .. I have been waiting on the chance to say HEY you take that up with GOD .. But needless to say .. Never had to say it. I just lived it and found that I have had one blessing after another. When your new its not always easy .>SO Janie,MeMe,Alexia, Patricia, Toni, Gina they have made my transition so blessed. I feel so thankful to them and the Path GOD has me on.

isn't that the TRUTH !!

SO I have been very blessed and this is with just a few sweet friends. There are so many that I have made.. I love laughing and Patricia gives the best hugs ever.. I am praying for another coworkers MOM and don't even know her .. But I am praying for Doris like I have known her my whole life.. Cant help myself. Alexia is  a doll and I just loved and trusted her from the Start.. Its awesome when  GOD puts really good people in your path .

Thought I would share those thoughts with you and what has been going on and how I can use it in my life. I feel like maybe ...JUST maybe Maturity is kicking in. Don't know if I Quite like being so dang wise LOL ....

I got a beautiful email today from my new friend Tam (HI GIRL) and she is from OH I think ..and I feel like GOD placed her in my life for a reason . She gave me the sweetest email about my blog and I looked forward to blogging all day because of her sweet words. She said she felt like I was a long lost friend.... She could not of bought me anything WORTH more than that for me. Those words mean so much . I think in life we all just want to connect and be loved...

Well , I had something else that I was going to blog about .. BUT this was my JOURNEY today..

HUGS and blessings and may GOD shine on you !!!

with love, Sherry (The Rusty Pearl)!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

 Well my sweet friends... BEEN so busy. I have MOVED to a new CITY .. and have a new JOB and lots of change.. BEEN hard, been fun, been blessed, been sad. YOU name it ..and its BEEN .. I feel Quiet.. cant explain it .. BUT I have not had the URGE to just talk too much.. Been listening instead.   ...I am now an hour from the beach maybe hour half... OMGOSH say it isn't soooooooo .

I am BACK and so thankful for my new followers.. I feel so blessed and cant wait to know and love each of you ... This is all for now... BUT just you wait.. I am working on some really cool posts and projects... HUGS .. Just wanted to say HELLO and even if I have not commented today I read all your great blogs... HUGS and my prayer is that your all so blessed that you need ten trucks to carry it all. ...