Thursday, May 16, 2013

Good Evening my sweet friends and family .. I am settled now and missing blogging every other day like I used too..SOOOOOO here I go.. First of all I love this picture don't you . I think I could be very happy there ... Little shanty on the beach.. Few linens to dry in the salty air.. And my music and noise the waves that crash.. Well crash to most ..Talk to me. .. (see me and that ocean ) we have a good relationship !!!

Love, Hope, Serenity ..

I was going to google the definition and I decided not too.. I think they say enough and Today I was reminded of those three words... My sweet friend and Co-worker Janie  (with the help of her little angels ) Gave me this sweet bracelet and gift. We have had a lot going on at our work and we have stayed quiet and strong and just focused on what is good and right . I am so very proud that in this journey GOD crossed my path with her...Also my sweet friend I will call her MeMe she is a living doll and her spirit and gift for GOD and doing good..She is  such a bright light. When I started this job.. It is hard being the NEW GIRL .. I would sit in my car at lunch and just read or something and one day my sweet friend TONI .. My very first friend in my new area .. She approached me and said come and walk with me at we did ... and we talk about GOD and faith and I found it ..Just what I needed.... Then she introduced me to GINA and she is a total inspiration and gives me some ah ha moments all the time. SHE reminded me .. Any negative Nellys ever come your way .YOU say Take that up with GOD... He gave me this JOB or this blessing ..SO my whole week .. I have been waiting on the chance to say HEY you take that up with GOD .. But needless to say .. Never had to say it. I just lived it and found that I have had one blessing after another. When your new its not always easy .>SO Janie,MeMe,Alexia, Patricia, Toni, Gina they have made my transition so blessed. I feel so thankful to them and the Path GOD has me on.

isn't that the TRUTH !!

SO I have been very blessed and this is with just a few sweet friends. There are so many that I have made.. I love laughing and Patricia gives the best hugs ever.. I am praying for another coworkers MOM and don't even know her .. But I am praying for Doris like I have known her my whole life.. Cant help myself. Alexia is  a doll and I just loved and trusted her from the Start.. Its awesome when  GOD puts really good people in your path .

Thought I would share those thoughts with you and what has been going on and how I can use it in my life. I feel like maybe ...JUST maybe Maturity is kicking in. Don't know if I Quite like being so dang wise LOL ....

I got a beautiful email today from my new friend Tam (HI GIRL) and she is from OH I think ..and I feel like GOD placed her in my life for a reason . She gave me the sweetest email about my blog and I looked forward to blogging all day because of her sweet words. She said she felt like I was a long lost friend.... She could not of bought me anything WORTH more than that for me. Those words mean so much . I think in life we all just want to connect and be loved...

Well , I had something else that I was going to blog about .. BUT this was my JOURNEY today..

HUGS and blessings and may GOD shine on you !!!

with love, Sherry (The Rusty Pearl)!!


  1. Hi Sherry, Such a beautiful and inspiring post. I am so glad you are settled in your new home and your friendships are wonderful. God sends us the best gifts doesn't HE?
    Love the pic too and the quotes are so good and so true.
    Have a wonderful evening and happy blogging my friend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  2. Sherry, I want to say, now I understand why you moved etc....I missed a posting back when. Girlfriend, yes there has been change...but I love your attitude. God does put the right people in our lives when we need it the most. I could write a book on the last 10 yrs of my life (divorce after 30 yrs) not wanting anyone else in my life and/or thinking anyone would want me...then 2 yrs later, God giving me the greatest man ever.....diagnosed with the "c" thing(very serious) then HEALED of the LORD.....and my man beside me every step of the strain, moving recently, issues with my son.....but now, I have more than enough, another beautiful place to call home and my son doing much better, going on 3rd yr of college and growing up(God keeping his hand on him)! I will be praying for you Sherry.....God is doing wonderful things in your life and I'm so happy to know you!! p.s. love your FB postings!! and tomorrow heading to the beach!!(for real!) Blessings, Roxie

  3. My daughter and I were just talking about the "negative nellies" in our lives, but she called her's a "negative nancy". I had a run-in with a very mean person at work today who literally missed hitting me (with a motorized cart on campus) by inches. A parent grabbed me out of the way in time. I was so angry, but I finally cooled down and told myself that I am a good person and as a good person, I should stop being angry with someone who obviously has some issues in his life or he wouldn't act the way he does. Then I came home and cut beautiful flowers from my garden. As I cut the flowers, I wondered if the man had a way that he could relax. I decided that anger was only hurting me.

    I am so glad that your work is bringing some great people into your life.

  4. Sherry, YOU are such a bright light and I am not surprised at all that you are being surrounded with love and kindness at your new job. After all it's said that we get back what we give and YOU my friend are a giver.

  5. Sherry, you are just so beautiful. Im glad you're settling in. I have been missing your posts on GFC for some reason, but never fear i just signed up for email xo

  6. Hi Sherry, so glad you are making friends and settling in to your new locations. Glad you are back blogging! Jean

  7. I'm so glad that you are making lots of new friends! They all sound amazing and like you guys have so much in common. I'm really happy for you!

    And I do love that photo. I could go for some beach time right about now :)

  8. Hi Sherry,
    So glad that you are getting settled in and making new friends. God knows what we need and sends blessings our way just at the right time. Love the photo of the beach.
    Have a great weekend.

  9. Happy to hear that all is going well for you in your place.


  10. So glad things are going well for you! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  11. L O V E this. Your words are always so inspiring!