Thursday, June 12, 2014

 Wow ..Who knew turning 47 could be so amazing. A lot of changes are happening in my life and so many GOOD ones. One thing that has recently happened is I have taken a DNA test to find out my true ethnicity . I have been told that I am INDIAN my whole life.

Well boy did I open a can of worms for some of the ol timers. They don't care about their heritage most and for the most part they are good hearted country people. When I talk to them about things they say aw... It don't matter or let it go LOL . Thus I am now doing the family tree. All of the kids in the family need to know who they are . We don't come from Royalty or anything. BUT Actually we do .. OUR FATHER IS KING !!!! That is what matters the most don't you think ?  It is amazing to me how far in society we have come. Technology is a blessing and has connected us in so many ways. I give thanks for that.

But now that I reflect on things. .. I kinda did know all along !!! I love love love people . I love GOD I love music. I have always collected Catholic Art and Jewish things. I have just been drawn to them. I love soul music and thank GOD I was never born with a heart that saw COLOR > I think people and culture are beautiful. All of my sweet beautiful friends are of all color AS AM I .

I used to joke I bet there is a hispanic farmer somewhere with a white baby . I am Olive complected and My children all look like they are Italian or off of some VOGUE magazine LOL .

Come to find out .... I have new cousins who have twins in the family from La . They are african american  and when I got GWENS pictures .. I know now where beauty comes from in the family and the twins. She has taught me more of my family then anyone. I hope that our connection is of a great LOVE story . I hope to meet her someday and Love them all forever. When I saw her pictures I felt a connection . I can't explain it . MAYBE a little nudge from GOD.

Now My father gave me my great grandmas name (The supposed Indian ) Well she is straight up HISPANIC .... Which explains a lot to me . I have been asked my nationality my whole life . LOVED IT .. HELLO her last name was MORA .. He said Now to think of it I think she spoke spanish when she got mad .. DAD...Dont you think I should know this stuff LOL ...

Well the 23 & Me DNA test has linked me up with cousins that are 100% My family and it has been fascinating finding out WHO I am and I am 90 % European . Ancestors from Argentina , Mexio, Finland, Iceland, Ukraine, Islands (or Brittish Isles) It is amazing thinking of it all now..>MY body all along knew WHO I am ... and the things i love, the cultures I love, The friends I have .. All are apart of all of that. ITS awesome. NO wonder I adore the Sea ( MY PEOPLE ) have been surrounded by it . I am also Part Jewish ... Thus me collecting certain jewish Items I think . Catholic .. I have collected Catholic Art forever.

So I am who GOD has made me .. I am most of all full of love and thankful. I embrace it and thankful for it and I now know a little more about ME ... Thanks to those who have embraced me as family . I truly think we are put on this world to love ..Not for anything else.

So with a thankful heart .. Maybe you can all follow along in this journey AS I DISCOVER THINGS ABOUT ME. ... LOVE LOVE ...THE RUSTY PEARL ....Sherry


  1. What an amazing journey of discovery, Sherry. I absolutely LOVE that you are finding out who you really are-although you knew all along in your heart. God bless you as you follow the path of your life back to your roots- xo Diana

  2. Hi Sherry, I'm so sorry I missed your birthday....I was on a much needed vacation by the ocean!! Happy (late) Birthday, girl! And how interesting to learn of who and what ethnic you are! You are a beautiful person with a beautiful family....I know we would be great friends if we lived near each other. I am part American Indian (Cherokee-Mothers side) and Welsh (Dads side) a few other groups. Hope your birthday was fabulous~~~Blessings....and yes, We are children of the KING! Roxie

  3. You are a beautiful mix of lovely genes...sounds like fun to be doing this research and find out about your background.


  4. God Bless! Amazing! Take care, Sherry!

  5. Happy Belated! Isn't it wonderful that even now we still get wonderful surprises in life? That makes it pretty amazing! XO