Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lead and follow me

 Hey friends… First of all..check out this little nudge from GOD himself ( I have no doubt )

I was walking and FULL stop in my walk I look down and this was what I see. A beautiful Leaf which I did not disturb. I wanted to leave it for others to hopefully see. It looks like a cross. I was just frustrated with BOOMER . (BAD ON A LEASH ) and then he passed this and I did a double take whipped out the phone took a picture and all of a sudden.. I cleaned out the clutter (YOU know thoughts that don't matter ) the ones that shouldn't be in the BOX. .. So then I began to focus on how beautiful it was and the peace and started humming .. OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD .. I hummed it all day and reflected on things of the week and blessings and the LORD. That one leaf did all of that for me… LOOK AT what I saw on my walk .

I just stood back and watched them as I walked and I prayed and soaked in my surroundings.

I think PRAYER IS KEY .. The words came to me.. LEAD and FOLLOW ME .
I don't know why .. BUT isn't that awesome. Lead by example maybe . FOLLOW ME (from GOD)
Thats how I want to look at it. What do you think . It is pressed on my heart.

and in the end as you can see HE got better on the leash. 
I think sometimes it is okay to pray for simple things too. 

GOD is in all things big and small. 

I have a prayer request for a girl (Who I do not know)
A friend asked me to pray for her. 
She is having a hard time and just gave up her baby . 
I just know this must be hard for all concerned . 
She did a selfless thing and I ask that you join me in prayer and not judgment for her. 

Thank you for any prayers sent her way . 

GOD bless you all 


  1. That is so neat! I love seeing little things like that. They kind of bring me back to Earth haha. God really is in all things!

  2. Yep- It's amazing how God sends us little signs if we are open to receiving them! Love that leaf. I do think the lead/follow thing is a God thing, too~ Saying a prayer for that young girl that gave her baby up. I am grateful that she gave her baby a chance to live and have a life-even if it is not with her-so many babies don't have a choice....xo Diana

  3. Great post Sherry - and yes, God is in ALL things. I will keep your friend in my prayers for certain!

  4. These posts of yours are so encouraging. I need to hear from the Lord about a particular situation, so I'm going to pray for one of the nudges or signs He sends you! LOL. I like that you take the time to listen and pray. You are very self-aware, which I like. And I'll pray for your friend, too. XOXO

  5. Love it when God reveals himself like that in our daily glad your were "present" to see it :)

  6. Oh, such a beautiful and inspiring post! Sometimes we see something in nature that that just stops us in our tracks. A tree, a sunset, clouds, ... He is just SOOOO awesome!!!! Thank you so much for spreading His word and sharing the joy. Praise be!
    Big hugs,

  7. Such a wonderful and inspiring post! I will surely pray for strength for this girl.

  8. WHOAH....I have had this happen before in other ways,but in those times when you just KNOW it was HIM. Oh dear Sherry, how wonderful is our God! AND THANK YOU for coming to visit! I have been a bit late in visits since this is finals week at school! BIG HUGS! Anita

  9. What a beautiful post. I will keep this young girl in my prayers. Thanks for sharing and for visiting.

  10. What a perfect moment to come across...

    Thanks so much for letting me know that you found my blog.


  11. YOU are such a light. Love love love that leaf! Thanks for visiting me and always your kind comments. I say yes 2014 is a great year to get a horse! :)

  12. My daughter and son -in-law were at the beach one day and saw a rock that caught their eye. It had the star of David on it. So she brought it home to me. God is so amazing