Friday, December 13, 2013

Paint is like lipstick for your furniture LOL

First of all it is FRIDAY people !!!! WHEW HEW and TGIF should stand for Thank God I am fabulous LOL (HEY toot your own HORN ..It's okay ) …

ON a serious PAINT note…. Me and My sweet sister have been painting at her house. .. She has decided to spruce it up a bit. Paint really is like Lipstick to your furniture. A little paint makes the world of difference. PLUS This Rusty Pearl has not painted in awhile ….SO it felt good to hold that brush !!!

 Here is a little of the Before . The fireplace was my project

She has had this house for 20 years.. SO she wanted to freshen things up !!

Here is the after 

She has new beautiful furniture to go with it 

Then she and my niece hit the walls with that beautiful sea foam green color. 

That is my sister ..hard at it 

Thing that happened The extra gallon of paint …DIDNT MATCH
Lowes did the right thing and gave her new paint.

BUT BROOKLYN my niece had to paint the walls over again 
She is a senior in high school and when I say she did a professional job 
I mean it.. OMGOODNESS turned out fabulous 

That is our super painter !!!

Here is the finished job she did 

The best thing was hanging with family. 

My little Niece played all day with her fancy purse I gave to her 

Have to brag isn't she the cutest ever !!!

She keeps her coupons and her sea shells I gave her in there …. Love that bundle of cuteness
Now Last night I was driving home and this was on the CURB.. HELLO
I see it as a rusty pearl my friends.. I am going to paint it like Pottery BARN .. I think its a diamond in the SOLID OAK  rough ..

                                                    Hey that is what I call FREE 90 FREE

And I will close with this ..Spread positive vibes today . SHOW love to everyone and be kind.

GOD bless you all .. Love Sherry (thanks for spending some of your day with me )


  1. I have always told my daughters...or girls as we call here in good Ole KY! Never leave the house without your does what nothing else can I agree, its the same with furniture....just does wonders....Love your Sisters new paint colors....what fun! I love working on projects like that.... Love the free find!!!! Can't wait to see what you do with it.....Love the are beautiful inside and out!!!!! Happy Friday and wonderful blessings to you my Friend..

  2. First, your little niece is precious.

    Second, why don't I find great pieces of furniture on the side of the road. I can't wait to see how you "put the make up on it".

  3. Bless your are the cutest thing !! I love coming over to make us all feel good. :)
    Love that fireplace...and the sea green walls....ummmmm ....If I wasn't such a sissy, I would have painted my bedroom TURQUOISE (fav color) but ended up with a soft beige and using MY COLOR in pillows and etc.
    And, yep...that sweet girl is a cutie.

  4. GREAT post- the fireplace turned out great- You did a wonderful job- as did your niece in RE-painting-UGH!!!! Your little niece is just cute as a button. What fun to have her around. Hope YOU have a good, blessed day, too. I am sewing doll clothes for someone special for Christmas- xo Diana

  5. It looks awesome! I think painting the fireplace white was a great move. It'll brighten up the space and make it more airy. Great job!

  6. Sherry, both of your nieces are adorable. What a great job you all did. Love the new look of the fireplace. xo Laura

  7. What a great thing that you were able to spend time helping your sister! The make-over looks fantastic, and I agree - you're niece is adorable!

  8. Great fireplace transformation, Sherry! Cute helpers, too. :)

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  10. YES! YES! WHite is the way to go. I think natural wood is lovely, but white interiors are always much more cozy to me, that's just my opinion! But you are right my friend, painting furniture is like putting on lipstick; it makes a world of difference! HUGS! Anita

  11. Beautiful redesign in white. Love it!! I don't leave the house without my lipstick! Gorgeous pics of your sister and sweet niece. Beauty sure runs in your family my friend.
    Wishing you a special weekend. Hugs, Celestina Marie

  12. The fireplace looks wonderful with its new paint color! You will have to show us the finished room.

  13. I love the new fireplace color - it looks fantastic! And, your helpers - and you? Beautiful ladies! :)

  14. What a difference a little paint makes. I love your fireplace painted white. It's so much brighter against your new wall color. So nice that you had family to lend a helping hand.

  15. That must have been fun, Sherry! Seeing the changes after you've lived with something one way for so long can be really exciting. I love the new color of the fireplace and walls.

  16. I so need a niece to come paint my house for me. Loving all the fun stuff going on over there. I love white paint!

  17. Looks fantastic. I don't really enjoy painting but sure love the quick change that it offers. Her room looks great! Merry Christmas friend, sending wishes for a wonderful day.

  18. Transformations are always so Refreshing and bring New Energy to the Spaces don't they? Great that Family got together to complete the Project, many hands make the work light! Thanks for coming by for a Christmas Blog Visit, Hope yours was a Blessed Holiday as well?

    Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  19. Everyone in your family appears to be talented! How fun that you lent a hand to your sister painting. I love home improvement projects, especially when they are someone else's!

    I LOVE that fabulous road side find you came across. I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  20. You really do have a lot of lovely fabulous going on there. Beautiful family, beautiful furniture, beautiful walls. What more could you ask for? Happy New Year and many many wonderful blessings.