Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hey sweet friends .. Hope that your Easter was filled with FUN and with the loved ones.
Went to my moms for Easter and nothing like family .

Those bundles of Cuteness are my three girls and WELL that little CUTIE pie in blue.. He is Nauni's pride and joy right there............. I said did the Easter Bunny bring you lots of GOODIES .. He said in his serious VOICE .. Nauni.. The Easter Bunny is not REAL . I told him quick.. Well I heard it was a big chicken delivering all those Eggs all this time anyway.. He looked at me so serious and Said NAUNI >>> LOL



That is my handsome son and his sweetest EVER girlfriend Sarah.. WE all love her so much ..

My daughter Sheray was the proud MONEY EGG winner this year.. Its fun to watch all the bigguns start searching for the egg....

That's my sister and brother in law... Can I just say TRUE LOVE they have been together since my sister was 13 .. LOVE STORY ..

okay on HOLDING the fork.. YOU know when your ma or your grandma or that special Aunt says HOLD the fork........................YOU know something good is coming ... Today that was the words I had in my head... HOLD the fork !!!!!!!!! I think GOD has something ahhhhhh-mazing in store for me. I have been saying that for years... BUT I really think its coming... I just feel like something AWESOME Is on its way ...

This is the furniture me and my mom painted Saturday (all day ) can I just say that woman is a work horse LOL >>> She was determined we would finish it all and I must say .. TURNED out fabulous .. What do you think .. Loved the colors.....The little bench in front will be another project of hers...

welp toodaloooou .. Hope that your week is blessed and that you will join me on this journey of kindness................. HUGS




  1. Awe what a sweet post. I just loved reading it. Beautiful family.

  2. Your daughters are not just cute, they're beautiful! This was a delightful post to read. Being able to spend time with friends and family is truly a blessing from the Lord.


  3. Sherry- What beautiful family pictures and your sister and hubby are just a cute, cute couple. Love the way your project turned out. So are you saying your Mom is a slave driver? xo Diana

  4. Looks like you had a great Easter. I'm glad you were able to spend time with your beautiful family! I bet that little cutie pie in blue really brightens up your day :) I know when I see my 3 yo nephew he always makes me happy!

  5. Great post! CUTE family! I think I need to come to your egg hunts! I want some money eggs! ;) Yes, definitely talk to that sweet boys mama about the Easter Bunny! :)

  6. Hi Sherry,
    What a JOYful post!
    You and Mom make a genius team! Love how the hutch turned out. The colour combo are gorgeous!
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  7. you have a lovely family.. such a sweet post!
    glad you enjoyed your easter together.

  8. Loving the hutch! The colors are fabulous!
    Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  9. Hi Sherry, thanks for visiting my blog--I am now following yours too:) Looking forward to seeing your treasures!

  10. oh so fun post.

    My mom is a go getter too. she can out work myself and my 3 brothers put together. She is 82.

    be blessed

  11. What a gorgeous family you have.....but....I'm confused.....what does he mean the Easter Bunny isn't real?

  12. Such a fun post Sherry! What a wonderful family, and your mom sounds fabulous. My mom is 81 and still chops firewood. I hope to have half her energy and spirit when I reach her age. That hutch turned out just lovely!

  13. I am going to start a tradition where the grownups have to search for a money egg. Love it!

  14. What a Lovely Family you have and I'm so glad you all were able to get together for Easter. Our Family is so far flung across several States and Countries that it isn't possible to get all together in one place at one time though I wish we could one day.

    Thanks for coming by for a Blog Visit... Dawn... The Bohemian