Saturday, April 13, 2013

I have been on a Journey of Kindess and Peace.. I read this today and t thought I would share.. I am sure that you will love it too... It is one small sentence but I literally sat and just thought about it for awhile...
"Kindness is a language the blind can see and the deaf can hear."
Isn't that POWERFUL ..
We live in a RUSH RUSH world and I notice that people do not really take the time to HUG as much or Time to WELL smell the ROSES !!!
It reminded me of when I was driving in my car the other day and traffic was bad and this white truck nearly side swiped my car..

Doesn't he know that I am carrying a lot of stuff...Mainly the precious Cargo (kenzie)

Well needless to say I was quite ashamed of the words that came out of my mouth . I said
YOU IDIOT .. YOU could of killed us...

 Thankfully Kenzie was asleep ........................SHHHHHHHHHHHH

Then I was so convicted.. Because as you grow in the Lord you change your thoughts and your words.. I seriously thought .. YOU know what we invite GOD into our hearts our minds our souls and HE Is probably sitting right here beside me.... Then I felt like sinking into my chair . I said I am sorry GOD ..inside my mind and then I just thought about it all day. I thought we should walk thru our day as if GOD were sitting right here beside us.. We expect our children to conduct in a certain manner and We should be the same in front of our Father at all times....

SOooooo Later that evening I was reading in my JESUS  calling book and BAM !!! THINK IS WHAT I READ............. DONT YOU LOVE WHEN YOU JUST GET CONFIRMATION OF A THOUGHT ...........................

Grow strong in the light of my presence . Your weaknesses do not REPEL ME. On the contrary, it attracks MY power, which is always available to flow into a yielded heart. ..

Why this just was confirmation for me I DONT know ..BUT I was drawn to it and I am sure that GOD is pleased that I am passing along this thought to you ... SOOOO go along your day and act is GOD is right beside you .. HE REALLY is and He deserves RESPECT (we all do ) SO I humbly say I am sorry driver for calling you an IDIOT Mr Truck driver ... the old me says inside well He was driving stupid >>>OMGOODNESS what is wrong with me LOL .. BUT you get the point.. AND yes.. I am a work in progress.. HEY but I am honest .. ... HUGS and thanks for following.. I am blessed that your all apart of my life and journey ..

 P>S>  Jelly -Bean is behaving these days.. Nothing to report LOL SHHHHHHH don't want to say it too loud.. The last time I thought whewwwwwww finally Nothing broken in a week ..She had a party in the Pantry !!! Have a blessed week !!!!!!!!!
 TO all my new followers .. HUGS and look forward to being life long blogging sisters and friends.. If you have a blog I will be looking for it .. TOODLES


  1. It is always nice to get confirmation isn't it, no doubt ~ you really do have a kind heart. Hope your having a lovely weekend :)

  2. One Sunday, many years ago, I took the weekly booklet from the usher at church as I left and put it in my purse. Later that week, in my busy life, I had some time at the doctor's and I pulled out the booklet. One of the passages I read that day has shaped my life ever since. The gist was, we have the power to make or kill a person's day and not just one person, but every person we run across. It went on to say that just a kind word or a smile can be what gets another person through the day. And a small gesture can make a huge impact. And if a small gesture makes a huge impact, then imagine the power of a huge gesture. I seriously have lived my life since that day, probably 25 years ago, trying to make peoples' days. And, I have had so many signs that it works. Kids write in my yearbook at the end of the year that my greeting them each day even though I wasn't their teacher made them feel so special. Oh, my gosh, a simple greeting made a kid feel special.

    JUST IMAGINE if everyone was just a little kind to everyone else.

    Thanks for being kind and making my day EVERY time you write a comment on my blog. And, I know I am not the only one you make comments too, sothe power of your kindness is enormous.

  3. Oh Sherry what a lovely and thought provoking post xo

  4. Sherry - When you said we should act and speak like Jesus was sitting next to us, it made me think of something my parents taught me that has stuck with me my whole life. When I was a teenage and wanted to go to the dances after football games, parties, etc. my Dad told me I could basically (within reason) go where I wanted as long as I thought - "would I be okay if Jesus walked in where I was and saw what I was doing?". You can't imagine the times in my life - especially as a teenager that I would start to do or go somewhere and would stop and think about that. Would I be embarrassed or disappoint the Lord if He walked in? It certainly made an impact on my life.

    Thanks for sharing.


  5. My Dear Sherry, you are amazing and God is working through you to reach others. Your post is so moving and true. You have such an endearing spirit and heart filled with goodness. The kind of beauty that only HE can create by grace.
    Thank you for sharing this tonight. I so needed to read it and it had touched my heart.
    Big HUGS

  6. Hey sweet friend. First of all I LOVE the pink lipstick! Pretty on you! and Second, every time I read another one of your posts I learn more and more about your sweet spirit. Looking forward to many years of our blessed friendship!
    Love ya!

  7. Great words, your one sentence, and life's lesson on the road.

    thanks for sharing


  8. Great little lesson there, Sherry. Isn't it amazing how we think we are doing so wonderfully well with our thoughts and the way we are acting/reacting and then something unexpected comes along and BANG- we go off like a firecracker. xo Diana Ps...Sometimes I use the word Idiot as a know as in- I love you, you idiot!;>)

  9. I have definitely been guilty of that, but I do try consciously to treat others with kindness. I'm definitely a work in progress too. xo Laura

  10. What a great attitude to have. p.s. your pic looks so pretty!

  11. You're such a sweetie Sherry. I think we all have these types of moments (I know I do) when stress gets the better of us. Driving is especially bad for me... BUT I always try to make myself think of myself in the opposite situation. If it were me, I'd feel really bad about almost hitting a car on the road not to mention embarrassed lol.. Then I feel better :)

  12. You look adorable. I am with you, let's look for more ways to be kind. :)

  13. Driving these days is somewhat stressful......VERY TRYING!! I think I used that word a few weeks ago..I was driving my Mother to the Pharmacy....I actually shocked myself when it came out of my mouth! Where did that come from???? The Holy Spirit checked me REAL THANKFUL he does that for us!! BLESSINGS to you Sherry~~~Roxie

  14. Very inspiring.....been hearing lots of bad news thanks for THE SPIRIT!!!! Deb Vintage On A Dime

  15. Beautiful photo of you, you look great! I agree, life it too short KWIM? ~Diane

  16. What a wonderful post! I love that quote on kindness. It's so true! Sometimes it's hard to be kind to others who aren't kind to us, but we have to try!

    PS - I'm naming one of my chicks "Pearl" in honor of one of my favorite bloggy friends :)

  17. What a beautiful thought you shared. It is very encouraging to me. I used to ask Him to be with me each day but then I realized He was always there, what I needed was help for me to spend the day with Him. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Nice... that was a beautiful reminder to live in kindness, and not judgement