Thursday, February 7, 2013

Okay ... This ol Rusty Pearl ...Went walking today ... Why yes I did !!! Look what I found .
I know .. does not look like much does it .. BUT  I saw that RUST in all its glory and thought .. HMMMM The possibilities ... I need a cute place to put all my paint brushes .. Gadgets . YOU know ... (STUFF) !!!

Awe yea.. Found some left over paint, some twine for laundry lines (LOL) I dont know must of had another vision when I bought that LOL ...  Some E6000 Glue (that is the BOMB - DIGGITY ) and some other  pretty stuff . I bought this bag of started crochet flowers from GW (goodwill) Yes . I go there on occassion (thrifters SPOT ) To PICK around and get stuff JUST LIKE THAT !! and some amazing deals.... Okay PINK scissors in TOW . PINK cause .. WELL I think I have an inner princess Ya know .. Like I said before .. My father is KING !!!!

So started a little painting on the bottom of this ol Rusty Coffee can .. (MY thought process on this was .. well so the rust wont get on anything ) soooooooooooo I ran with that .. SOUNDS GOOD !!!

Then started just brushing (kind of dry brushing) kind of NOT LOL .. but I was at it anyways.. Had fun too ................

Well Then Jelly - Bean started Nosin around.. YOU know my little trouble maker LOL .. She had some paint on the tip of her nose by the time I painted this can ... She has to be right in the middle of everything that Jelly Belly ...
aweeeeeeeeeeee Chucky.... It is coming together.. I am seeing a vision . .Now that I am dangerous with the GLUE .. NOTE to self . Wipe off the E600 before it dries on fingers.. A whole NOTHER blog could take place on my adventure on getting this stuff off ..........(gotta love it )

Well I am thinking she is a RUSTY Pearl.. Quite precious if I do say so myself.. .. The whole project only took 20 minutes start to finish .............. NOW that is my kind of crafting !!!!!

Jelly's Nose is all clean now... Thanks for blogging with me and Once I figure out how to upload the video on face book .. I have a cool post to blog about !!!!
Tomorrow is MY DAY FRIDAY ..
I will be taking a friend for her BIOPSY ... so instead of making it about me tomorrow .. I would love for all of you to pray for her good results... Be in agreement with me please... She is my sweet friend and I am sending up prayers for a great result tomorrow..
GOD bless you all and Sweet dreams..
Hey My new word for the week is
TOODLEPIP................Why I just think the ENGLISH come up with some cute TOODLES ..
HUGS ..................Sherry


  1. I would have taken that RUSTY CAN home with me too!! LOVE the SIMPLE things in LIFE made PERFECT....Sherry, my prayers are with your friend tomorrow....I speak in the name of Jesus that your friends test are clean and perfect! Also, Sherry would you say a prayer for my dear neighbors..Tom and Sharon-Tom had a massive stroke last night during a BIBLE study. He just turned 64 and seemed so healthy. Please pray for a full recovery....Thanks.....Roxie

  2. Hi Roxie.. Absolutely I will pray for Tom and Sharon -Tom .. For a full recovery. Please keep me posted. YOU can Like (if you want) My facebook page The Rusty Pearl and I can inbox and message you and check up on them too .. I will be praying. I will write it in my prayer journal too. I know GOD is good and HE IS already ON IT !!! I will be praying in agreement with you girl .. HUGS thanks for posting always makes my day ... HUGS

  3. Great makeover on the rusty is so pretty now!!
    Saying prayers that your friend's test all come out good.

  4. I'll keep your friend in my prayers! Best wishes to her. So nice of you to take her to the appointment.

    Jelly Bean is mischievous it seems! I guess all kittens are though haha. Your can is really cute! I can't believe you saw it and had the vision for what you turned it into. Amazing!

  5. I Love your can creation. Really beautiful! I'll definitely keep your friend in my prayers today. That Jelly Bean's going to be a star someday. That photo shows off her WoW factor ;-) Pretty Kitty.

  6. Love the can! I pray that your friend has good results! Blessings, Tammy

  7. Love the can, praying for good results too! ~Diane

  8. I like your pretty and rustic can. What fun! Thinking of you and your friend today...
    And sending farmhouse hugs,

  9. A-dorable!! Hope things went well with your friend today!! Praying for good results!!

  10. What a fun little assistant you have when you're crafting! The 2 of you created a fun little trinket can. :)

    I hope everything goes well for your friend. It's nice of you to go with her for support.

  11. Ha! Well now you've taken an old rusty can, and made it into the cutest little treasure! Love it!