Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hey friends !!!
Felt a wee bit inspired this evening.... SOooooo
It all started at Walmart !!!
I was on the Valentine (lane) there at Wally World
and THERE IT WAS ....
This BIG ol Card with Hearts all over it $3.00
they had her marked down .. Well I had a VISION my friends !!!
I thought ...HMMM I could cut all those hearts out and even use the big red evelope ..
I  pulled out the cute scissors (with the fun edges)
Some TWINE .. Cute colors (of course )
Little bit of GLUE !! awwwwwww yea now were talking
LET the creative JUICES flow (LOL)
I started cutting out all of the hearts off that big Ol card .. I even cut out the letters inside the card.. HEY making it all useful ya know ...

OMGUSH !!! Then low and behold .. OL  Jelly- Bean got in on the Valentine Making.. I know (She is becoming a regular... She sat there and let me take this picture of her.... HOW COULD I NOT POST THAT   little bundle of cuteness... ( I sound like a CAT lady ) I know .... BUT she is a HOOT and she is the first real experience I have had raising a kitten. I had an outside tom cat in the country ..but he would be missing for months and show back up...SO isnt this the cutest lil Valentine ever!!!!!!!!!

Now they are not finished just yet. Want to add some vintage looking things to them .. BUT thought I would share with you what I was doing this evening .. DONT you just look for stuff to BLOG !!!

 Well I had fun and Jesus KNOWS that I had a very sweet little HELPER .. Happy Valentines MAKING everyone.. Decided that I am giving out special ones homemade !!! HUGS and have a beautiful day tomorrow.. I say tomorrow because I am posting this so late.. TOODLES !!!!



  1. That looks like fun to me....very pretty hearts....blessings

    1. Thanks sweet girl ... HUGS and will see you over at your place

  2. Replies
    1. Hey thanks so much for following . .I will go and follow at your place .. HUGS

  3. Such a fun idea! Inspiration can strike anywhere! Looks like Jelly Bean had a fun time "helping" out! She is so cute. I am a crazy cat lady as well :) Also a crazy chicken lady! Haha.

    1. LOL well good no wonder were friends LOL ... HUGS girl and will see you at your neck of the woods my friend ...

  4. Looks like you had a great little helper!!
    Pretty Valentines!!

  5. Love these, they all look fabulous! ~Diane

  6. Oh my cuteness!!! Jelly is way to stinkin' cute!!! Love all the pretty pictures! You are such a sweet woman! Love ya' baby cakes!!!
    ~Have Faith~