Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thank you Kate , Tattered Goods, Sweet Tea and Linen, Ella Claire .....
I entered your give away and felt guilty wanting something for myself.. I was so surprised
when I found out that I was the winner of the give away!!!! I went to everyones FB pages and thanked them !!!!!!
From the bottom of my heart ..... I THANK YOU !! I am so appreciative and will be willing to help you guys in future give aways as well.. I want to give back !!!!!
I would love for all my followers.. (since I am just starting ) I do not have as many as some blogs but I found that I have some Awesome new friends and followers and fell like I am getting to really know them.. .I look forward to talking to them and seeing their blogs... Please check out these girls . The label has Kates (Salvage Dior) Blog.. And then she has links to the others as them some love and tell them I sent you ... .HUGS and Thanks again guys... So Happy !! And I cant wait to bless my friend with the pillow !!!!!!!


  1. so you won something?? what?? who from?? are those names their FB page names??
    tell all
    do not want to miss a thing. =)


    1. Girl .. I won a give-away .. So super excited... I never win a thing.. SO I felt uber blessed .. Check it out . I left a link and join them too. YOU will love them !!!!!!! been getting this shop opened .. SO going to get my blog on now ..... HUGS my sweet new friend !!!!

  2. Hi Sherry, Thank you for your sweet message on my blog yesterday and I would be so grateful to have you follow me too, the "follow me" button is located on the right hand side of the blog below the blue image of the angel that says psalm 91:11 "For He will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways"

    God Bless You Sherry, I think it is neat we both have the word Pearl in our blogs!

    Pearl 13.1

    1. Hi Michelle.. I am on my way to your blog now. I have had a grand opening of my shop this week.. BEEN so busy here. I connected with you right away on your blog..even down the number 13 .. that is my favorite no and My booth no .. I have one boy three girls and it was my soccer number growing up on most of my teams... Love the LORD and the fact you share his message uplifts me more than you know. I will be a regular with your blog. It inspires me and I thank you .. would hug your neck if I was there. GOD bless YOU !!!!! !I am headed to find that follow button right now ..