Tuesday, October 22, 2013


First of all ...a little update on my newest addition BOOMER !!! I think the picture simply says it all.. HE truly does eat everything. 

Mamma did not wear make up (TRUST ME PEOPLE) That is a fright !!! for one whole week . WHY do you ask ...cause the sweet face above ..WELL HE ATE IT ALL !!!  We were in the living room and he was quiet and walked into the room and LOW and BEHOLD he had lipstick and eye liner EVERYWHERE !!! .. GROUNDED LOL 

Then I felt bad putting him in a kennel (WELL HECK THE POTTY TRAINER said that is the way to do it ) SOOOO I felt bad and said AWE lemme put him in the bathroom .. DO YOU HEAR THE LIGHTNING >> WHY you ask ? ? ?  HE ATE the vanity in the bathroom..and when I say ATE >>> I MEAN ATE like he was feasting on a STEAK ..

OKAY so then ... He pulled all the stuffing out of a pillow and his most recent meal... and yes DID I MENTION he eats a HUGE bag of food from the feed store LOL a month .. HUGE bag.. .. OKAY back to his next MEAL . .the fence.. HE nibbles on it . Tommy replaced the TWO planks ... 

Just about the time I think he is FULL .. I was sitting on the couch looking out into the back yard and GOOD GRAVY my expensive chairs and table (I had made) BEACH furniture .. YES the leg... HE chewed it like a bone... 

So this stage is sooooo Not fun.. BUT having said all that .. HE is worth it all. I decided that things are things and unconditional sweet faced cute cuddly love TRUMPS it all.. SO i decided he is a KEEPER ..CHEWING and all !!!! 

GOTTA love BOOMER !!! 


  1. Oh my gosh! I've heard of dogs eating everything but I never would have thought he'd eat makeup! So crazy. I've never had an inside dog so I've missed all the fun haha.

  2. LOL- I'd say you better wrap yourself in a suit of armor before you go to sleep at night-lol xo Diana

  3. Hi Sherry, Well you have your hands full don't you? I remember having a sweetie like this. Ate like a goat!! Hope your baby did not get sick eating the makeup!! Some day you will laugh about this. LOL Just not yet!
    Big hugs, Celestina Marie

  4. I had a dog once who loved feasting on makeup sponges.She finally grew out of it. Keep your fingers and toes covered. xo Laura

  5. We have a white Lab, Maggie. She loves treats, but makeup she hasn't tried.
    New Follower!

  6. Hi Sherry,
    it's lovely to meet your new companion , he looks like fun! Hope his appetite decreases, I haven't heard of a dog eating make up before!
    Sarah x

  7. Yes! We have a puppy too! Fortunately he hasn't been that bad about chewing. What a cute cute cute dog Boomer is. Also, thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog. Have a wonderful day.
    xo rachel

  8. OH boy that is one destructive pooch! I can't believe he ate your make up too. Good things he a cutie pie haha

  9. We plan to get a pup next Spring...wow, they really are busy, aren't they? Good thing he is adorable!