Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Do you pray for others

Before I walk into my job I PRAY . Working here for a bit now I have found out who needs prayer, Who wont say they need prayer , and who needs obvious prayer. I think its working. IN FACT I would go out on a limb KNOWING it matters.

I think it is important that we pray for others. Don't quote me word for word but ...Doesn't scripture say when three or more are in agreement ? ? ?  I think prayer is giving of our hearts to others and asking for something good to happen to another. I think prayer is a way of talking to GOD. I feel closer when I am talking to him. When I am done praying I feel like I have a relationship with him. DONT YOU?

I pray every day in my car before I walk in. I pray for my workplace to be financially blessed and for the Dr's and PA's who truly give of themselves to help others . I pray that GOD bless and guide them everyday and that we all have safe travels to and from work.  I Know at our jobs and sometimes our families be it a crazy cousin etc. There is one bad EGG in the bunch. BUT don't you think they need prayer the most. ....

Please join me tonight when you pray .... Pray for others. SPEND some serious time thinking of the needs you know of and just PRAY . I know that if it were not for my sweet friends praying for me , I wouldn't of had my job, I wouldn't of made it thru some very trying times...SO lets PRAY it forward. WHO is with me... .HUGS and God bless you all . Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl


  1. I am WITH you and will continue to pray for you. I know you have done the same for me as I have felt it and it sure has blessed me!

  2. I'm with your girl. I kind of talk to God all the time-kind of a running prayer for this one or that one or this pain or that hardened heart. You are right-the worst one needs the most prayer. Great post- xo Diana

  3. Yes it does work look at God bringing us back together He has a plan .Prayer warriors

  4. Yes, I pray for others every day...and I always pray for my children. I love your post - encouraging us to remember the needs of others. I also like that you pray so whole-heartedly for those around you - even your place of employment. Wow!


  5. Hi Sherry, You are a girl after my own heart. I do the same and keep a prayer going most of the time. I pray for others and I know HE hears. Thank you for sharing your wonderful post.
    Prayers and thoughts,

  6. I am with you! It is so important to pray for others. I know your workplace will be blessed with all the praying you do for it and the employees! :)

  7. Hi Sherry, I had been thinking about you and popped in to see how you were doing.
    Loved seeing your new pup.
    "Pray it forward" what a beautiful concept !!!

  8. I love this idea. a little prayer wherever you go and when you're out and about.

  9. Oh yes I do pray for others too! Constantly! Thank you for sharing.
    xo rachel