Thursday, October 24, 2013

Blessings do come in a CAN

A friend was telling me the other day they watched Joyce Meyer and she was doing a show on BLESSINGS 

Someone made mention that they wished that BLESSINGS came in a CAN -JAR etc. ... Well she then said something POWERFUL that has had me thinking all week. .. I love a good AH - HA moment dont you....or something that provokes thought ... she said simply this.......................

                                                They do come in a CAN > they just dont come in a
                                                              CANT !!! WOWZER .  I just love that ..and how sweet and how true that is.. We often take our little moments for granted and dont see the blessings in every day life. I have started a thankful journal and I write down five things every day that I am thankful for.. SOME DAYS are harder then others..Because you cant say the same thing twice. I started this along time ago with my little girl (NOW TEEN ) that prob thinks this is LAME now days .. BUT i continue to do I can find thanks and show GOD some appreciation for the little things too. Might be a friend hugging me so tight that your saddness seeks on out or hugging you and feeling such joy.. YOU really can change a person by how you act when they enter a room. I LOVED that when I first heard it and it continues to motivate me to be good to others and show my excitement for seeing and loving that person... SO just think... BLESSINGS do really come in a CAN !! Just not a CANT ...

HUGS and food for thought . .Hope that your THURSDAY is blessed beyond your imagination..



  1. I love that too! What a great idea with the 5 thankfuls per day....I am going to have to try that... I have had women to do that for each other before at conferences and studies... everyone writes a positive about the other and places it in a jar-cup-can and they take them home and read the blessings written about them on bad works! Yes, blessings do come in a just thought you would enjoy that idea. Have a great one Sherry! Always a blessing to visit with you.

  2. That is so cool, Sherry. It reminds me of a project I used to do with my kids. I think I need to do this with my grand kids now- xo Diana

  3. Oh, I like this! I've been following Joyce Meyer on Facebook for a while and love all the inspirational updates each day :)

  4. Hi Sherry!
    I LAH-UUUVE Joyce Meyer. What an inspirational project, and great reminder! :D Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Sherry, This is so true and such a grand motivator. What a wonderful idea to write down your 5 thankful things each day. So, here goes the first one, Thank you Sherry for being a blessing to me!
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  6. What a great idea. It's certainly a pleasure to meet you.

    I love your Halloween fun photos in the newer post, too.

    Have a great day... Mildred

  7. Love this! I watch Joyce every morning. She doesn't sugar coat things. My little boy always makes a spoken list of great things that happened during the day after prayers at night. He adds them with his fingers and on a really great day he uses his toes too. So cute!!!

  8. I love the idea and the pun. "Blessings" don't come in "can't", but in "can"... Something I try teaching my pupils so often!