Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hey my sweet friends.. I have been reading your blogs and they are awesome. I have lots to share..
Hey first of all I went to a job interview .. WHEW WEE yes I did and they called me back for a second interview for Wednesday .. SO kindly pray for your sister here ..
AND on make a friend day Wednesday .. When I was in the lobby waiting for my interview I met the sweetest girl Yvette.. Their are two positions available.. I told her I would pray for her and she would pray for me.. SO I got her number and we have been friends since.. HOW awesome is that !!!
 I still am selling my items from The Rusty Pearl and still doing Resale as The Rusty Pearl. That is my sweet business and I have also decided  to go back to work too .. SO all prayers are welcomed : ) . Hey then My pearl money can be my NEST egg for the future .. Been spending lots of soul searching days at the BEACH .. This is my daughter flying a KITE as you can see we had the beach to ourselves that day ...

There is me.. LOVE everything about the water .. the sun, the ocean .. ANY day there is a good day for me. I feel it the second I go over the big bridge onto the island.. I just feel IT !!!!

This is what I am reading thought I would share some of GOD'S word with you ..
so long as you are conscious of my presence with you, all is well. It is virtually impossible to stumble while walking in the light with me. I designed you to enjoy ME above all else. YOU find the deepest fulfillment of your heart in me ALONE .. Fearful, Anxious, thoughts melt away in the light of my presence. When you turn away from ME, you are vulnerable to the darkness that is always at work in the world. DONT be surprised by how easily to sin when you forget to cling to my hand. In the world, dependency is seen as immaturity. but in my KINGDOM, dependence on ME is PRIME measure of Maturity... LOVE this and how powerful.. Basically GOD has our BACK
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  1. wonderful post.

    Keep us posted about job interviews.

    What book is that devotion from??
    Reminds me of something that would have been in Jesus Calling.
    I gave mine away and have not replaced it yet. Loved it, and had just gotten it, but someone else needed it more. =)


    1. Barb JESUS Calling is what it is from. Judy sent it to me .. Awesome girl

  2. So happy for you on the job interview! Leave it up to you to make a friend with your competition, hah! But I guess if there are 2 open positions you are not competing really. So funny :)

    1. Tammy I know . I am my own crown of thorns. I felt guilty wanting me to get it .. BUT when I found out there were TWO openings I was like awe yea I would love working with her too ..She is a sweet soul and so deserving too.. After I get the MONDAY thru Friday shift and no weekends LOL ...

  3. So exciting to go on a job interview! The last interview i had, was about four years a go en i can still feel the twist in my stumach...:)
    You are still waiting for that one phonecall...i'm hoping with you for the one and only're hired! Keep us posted and have a lovely sunday.

    Hugs, Pietrik

  4. A New Friend AND an Exciting Job Prospect!!! Rejoicing with you! Of coarse I Believe that the door that shall open for you career wise will be the one the Lord ordered the steps of especially for you, our Gifts always make room for us. And there is ALWAYS room for New Friends and the cultivation of Relationships in our lives. Raising an Ice Tea back at ya {our temps are nearing triple digits now}. And I'm certain The Old Spaghetti Factory near you would Wow me, I'd Love to visit all of their locations since their Curated Collections in the Decor are off the hook and they were doing Architectural Salvage way back in the Seventies before anyone else even thought about decorating with it!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. Blessings to you in your new adventure!! God is so's crazy the connections He puts in our paths isn't it?? Have a great week!

  6. Good luck Sherry with your call back. I can totally see you making a friend while waiting for your interview, that is so you! Keep up posted.

  7. Yes yes my sweet friends.......JOB interview Wednesday and will keep you posted . Thanks for the sweet words.. I am glad your all my friends. I feel like my cup runneth over .....

  8. I hope everything turns out as it should :) glad you are trusting Him in all of it! Thanks for your sweet visit!