Monday, March 18, 2013

Hello My sweet friends.. I was blogging tonight and realized after seeing a Shell on the Blog of Our Neck of the Woods .. that I love writing little notes and letters.
Its fun to see that someone loved a surprise from you , or the feeling you get when you write a letter to a friend or loved one.. I love getting mail !!! Don't you ?
Even at Christmas Time .. OMGOODNESS I love getting cards in the mail . I get excited like your loading up the car  to go on vacation ...
This was a puppy we found and gave him a good home with family and this was our cat sophie (moonpie) I called her .. This was how they slept.. I know its not letter related but HAD to share it .. SOPHIE is no longer with us : (
BUT ol Jelly Bean sure is ..

Needless to say what I am getting at .. I love PEN Pals.. Who is in with me. I would love to have some pen Pals... I used to pen pal in southern living magazine YEARS ago and I still send cards and letters to a friend in a far away land...

I thought this would be so fun making a special envelope (hand made like these) like once a month having a few new friends to fellowship with ... I personally want all the friends I can have in life. THE TRUE GOOD FRIENDS .. You know the Sisterhood we form .. Just nothing like it .. SO who is in .. I would love it ....

I want to close with this thought from the little book Jesus Calling that I am reading.......... Hope that you enjoy it . I know that is sure blesses me...

Trust Me one day at a TIME . This keeps you close to ME.. Responsive to my will.  Trust is not a natural response, Especially   for those who have been deeply wounded. My spirit within is your resident Tutor, helping you in this supernatural endeavor, yield to His gentle touch, be sensitive to his prompting.
Exert your will to trust me in all circumstances.........................Love that


  1. I love getting mail (other than bills) it's fun, I think it's why I buy online :)

  2. I had a few really good penpals for years and years and years. One gal and I wrote to each other just about three times a week for about 15 years. Then we got connected through a women's group on the internet and quit writing to each other. Blogging to me is a lot like having a whole world of "pals" and my "pen" is my keyboard. I do send quite a few cards,etc. though- xo Diana

  3. I do love getting mail so I was so thrilled to get your package! I always feel so special when I get something personal in the mail.

    It's so funny how the cat and dog slept! So cute :)

  4. I'm a big fan and proponent of letter writing! I always try to send hand-written notes/cards to friends -- count me in! That quote at then end was especially encouraging to me today as we walk through a difficult time as a family. Thanks :)

  5. So slack on letter writing, love the musical envelopes though!

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  7. I love getting mail too. Something in the old box besides a bill is SO exciting! That photo of your moonpie and the doggie is so darn cute. Anxious to hear how your call back went today, fingers crossed for you.

  8. Your little music envelopes are so sweet.

    I love coming home and seeing mail for me. I think that is why I signed up for two Valentine swaps and a Bunny Swap.

  9. I agree, there's nothing better than getting some fun in the mail!! love your envelopes!