Thursday, August 22, 2013

GOOD evening my sweet beautiful balls of SUNSHINE ..
YOU know when your blogging you just fall in love with your friends. !!
you see their families and get to know them..
Well I came across this sign and thought HECK with BLOGGIN BROTHERS and SISTERS.. were a really small GANG LOL
We are a blogging circle of creative thinkers.. Free spirits LOVERS of Nature and painting and PRETTY THINGS.. YES
We can all wear ...MMMM awe you get the GIST.. I just wanted to say I LOVE being in your gang. I read blogs for hours tonight and just loved it all..

I am now going to hang a chandelier from my TREE .. Thanks CURB ALERT ,
and I am on it baking some pancakes..
YOU just never know what you will learn and love in blogging... SO Hey .. Keep up those posts..
I am feeling so blessed. I just want you all to know . I am loving my new job and I work for some amazing people. ITs a great feeling going to work every day .. SWEET new friends ..
TOMORROW is my day Friday ..O GOOD GRAVY I am so back on the list sister..
'I am going to get a facial .. The works...
OH YEA and then going to go back by that MALL and get a massage for ten min on my shoulders.. WHO knows may just go crazy and get my NAILS DID !!!
What have you done for yourself lately ...
Well sweet gang.. Whatever you do .. PRAISE and thank GOD along the way .. Because at the end of the day ..NOTHING and I mean nothing would be possible without him...
Thanks for inspiring me.. This is like my little thank you card.. .


  1. You are my kinda gal. Happy and upbeat and ready to roll with the punches no matter what they are. I love it when the girls ask-did you get your nails did? lol-always makes me laugh.
    I have one laugh-lovely little soul waiting in my bed tonight after begging Papa to sleep upstairs so she could sleep with Nana. Life is good- very, very good and I, like you, am blessed.
    I am happy that your job and everything is working out for you. I hope you have a wonderful Friday and weekend- xo Diana

  2. Gurrrl, I wish I could get a massage tomorrow! #Jealous

    Your attitude is so uplifting, and thank you for being you.


  3. Thanks for letting us into our "gang" xo

  4. I love this and it's so true! Such an amazing support system and great gang of friends! I hope you are off to an amazing Friday my friend, sounds like a great one!

  5. I love being in your gang, my sweet friend. So happy that your life is going so great. Enjoy your wonderful day. xo Laura

  6. Sherry you are so cute and sweet ! Glad your world is a happy place ;) So good to hear you have adjusted to the move and you are loving your new job.
    I agree blog land is very uplifting and supportive. I think we all bring out the best in one another.
    I was so happy you stopped by.
    Hugs my friend :)

  7. I'm glad you are having another "me day" today! You definitely deserve it. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to hear you are enjoying your new job and are happy with your life right now. I'm thrilled for you!!!

  8. I love the "gang" thought. You have made me happy.

  9. Hey, I hope you had a really wonderful time pampering yourself...that sounds like a great idea!
    xo rachel

  10. I love being a part of your "gang" in blog land and real life! You are an amazing friend!
    Tami @ Curb Alert!

  11. Hope you are enjoying the beautiful harvest moon my friend !
    Thinking of you.
    have a great week,