Tuesday, June 11, 2013

 Good evening my sweet beautiful friends... Hope that today's Post finds that your all well and blessed so much you need four trucks to carry it all. * Old fabulous Farmer trucks that is ++

 Having said that I have been thinking about SOIL , Farmers, and it all started when I heard someone say .. The best thing for the soil is The farmers FOOT STEPS .. WOW does that NOT bring a visual to mind friends. I have savored that all week . Thinking about it > Posting about it !! When we are at the produce .. Often busy, kids in tow trying to get something for the family . I can honestly say that I have not always stopped and thought about the JOURNEY of that fruit . The early hours that the farmer gets up and LABORS to grow it !! I think we should all bow our heads and ask for the LORD to bless our farmers far and near. It is with true sacrifice they do this for a living and it is a blessing to us rather it is produce or livestock. I just think great dedication goes into this noble profession and I feel truly thankful .

While were talking about Soil ... I heard on the radio that Jesus talks about the four soils
Jesus Tells a Story About Different Soils
Matthew 13:1-23
Well that got me to GOOGLE...and SURE NUFF !!! HE does ..
God talks to us in ways. I found that it was no mistake that I pondered across JESUS talking about this ..
Google this and tell me what you think. .. You will be blessed for it . ..
I truly have spent this week in prayer
and thinking about how thankful I am for those who do HUGE things for us without giving it a seconds thought. WHO cry silently during hardships when it does not rain (for the farmers) or when the soldiers are at war and it is raining bullets. I think those that sacrifice themselves are just amazing. I look up to those people ...to those care takers, Doctors, PA's, Nurses, Teachers, Farmers, I just really had it on my heart for us to pray and bow our heads in silence and JUST pray for those who give and to help make this world a great place. Thank you
for joining in on this prayer request. .. Love, Sherry
It is in my spirit and heart this week ...so YOU know me .. GOTTA ask yall to join in on praying .. HUGS


  1. Amen Sherry. Glad to see you posting too :)

  2. I agree we should honor the farmers.Without them we would not survive.

  3. We are truly blessed to have so many farmers. Hope you are well. ~Diane

  4. I think we often take for granted the sacrifices that others make for us. Thanks for the reminder. xo Laura

  5. What a beautiful reminder! I'll definitely join you in praying for them.

  6. Praying. And so true - everything you said. My Pap was a farmer, so they are always near and dear to my heart. Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  7. What a sweet post! Just from tending to my little garden I know it is hard work, so I can only imagine how hard real farmers work. I see lots of farms on my drive to work each day and always think about the farmers who tend the land and how hard they must be working right now. No farmers, no food!

  8. Great post to remind us of the sacrifices others make on our behalf