Wednesday, August 20, 2014


                                                                     joy ...

Three letter word (simple) But it can be infectious (and)  if your around it you FEEL IT , and one really can't live without it. Just might be my favorite word. 

I love reading in my Jesus Calling book . It gives me strength to read about JESUS and being encouraged . I think it is important to fellowship and feed our bodies with all that we can that is positive. 

This is what I read this morning. 

Trust and Thankfulness will get you safely through this day . Trust protects you from worrying and obsessing. Thankfulness keeps you from criticizing and complaining (Those sister-sins) that can so easily entangle you. 

Keeping your eyes on Me(GOD) is the same thing as trusting me. It is a free choice that you must make thousands of times daily. The more you choose to trust me, the easier it becomes. Thought patterns of trust become etched into your brain. Relegate troubles to the periphery of your mind, so that I can be central in your thoughts. Thus you focus on ME. Entrusting your concerns into my care. 

HOW awesome is that  ? I loved this . It gave me great encouragement. I have encountered in my life NAY SAYERS ... and people that will question ones JOY as being authentic (usually by a negative soul) But I do know that if you encounter that .. DO not let them shake your ground or take your joy . If someone says that your JOY can't be real or that your sweating GLITTER  blah blah (pray for them) That is really all that we can do . I am constantly trying to build my positive circle and life defiantly has had its ups and downs but somehow I do choose to think the best in what people can become. If a person really wants change it is theirs for the taking.  I am glad that I have joy in my heart. Blogging is apart of that positive circle as well. LOVE my blogging brothers and sisters. Have a blessed day and GO fourth and be JOYFUL. I have been reading your blogs. xoxoxo Sherry The Rusty Pearl 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

 Wow ..Who knew turning 47 could be so amazing. A lot of changes are happening in my life and so many GOOD ones. One thing that has recently happened is I have taken a DNA test to find out my true ethnicity . I have been told that I am INDIAN my whole life.

Well boy did I open a can of worms for some of the ol timers. They don't care about their heritage most and for the most part they are good hearted country people. When I talk to them about things they say aw... It don't matter or let it go LOL . Thus I am now doing the family tree. All of the kids in the family need to know who they are . We don't come from Royalty or anything. BUT Actually we do .. OUR FATHER IS KING !!!! That is what matters the most don't you think ?  It is amazing to me how far in society we have come. Technology is a blessing and has connected us in so many ways. I give thanks for that.

But now that I reflect on things. .. I kinda did know all along !!! I love love love people . I love GOD I love music. I have always collected Catholic Art and Jewish things. I have just been drawn to them. I love soul music and thank GOD I was never born with a heart that saw COLOR > I think people and culture are beautiful. All of my sweet beautiful friends are of all color AS AM I .

I used to joke I bet there is a hispanic farmer somewhere with a white baby . I am Olive complected and My children all look like they are Italian or off of some VOGUE magazine LOL .

Come to find out .... I have new cousins who have twins in the family from La . They are african american  and when I got GWENS pictures .. I know now where beauty comes from in the family and the twins. She has taught me more of my family then anyone. I hope that our connection is of a great LOVE story . I hope to meet her someday and Love them all forever. When I saw her pictures I felt a connection . I can't explain it . MAYBE a little nudge from GOD.

Now My father gave me my great grandmas name (The supposed Indian ) Well she is straight up HISPANIC .... Which explains a lot to me . I have been asked my nationality my whole life . LOVED IT .. HELLO her last name was MORA .. He said Now to think of it I think she spoke spanish when she got mad .. DAD...Dont you think I should know this stuff LOL ...

Well the 23 & Me DNA test has linked me up with cousins that are 100% My family and it has been fascinating finding out WHO I am and I am 90 % European . Ancestors from Argentina , Mexio, Finland, Iceland, Ukraine, Islands (or Brittish Isles) It is amazing thinking of it all now..>MY body all along knew WHO I am ... and the things i love, the cultures I love, The friends I have .. All are apart of all of that. ITS awesome. NO wonder I adore the Sea ( MY PEOPLE ) have been surrounded by it . I am also Part Jewish ... Thus me collecting certain jewish Items I think . Catholic .. I have collected Catholic Art forever.

So I am who GOD has made me .. I am most of all full of love and thankful. I embrace it and thankful for it and I now know a little more about ME ... Thanks to those who have embraced me as family . I truly think we are put on this world to love ..Not for anything else.

So with a thankful heart .. Maybe you can all follow along in this journey AS I DISCOVER THINGS ABOUT ME. ... LOVE LOVE ...THE RUSTY PEARL ....Sherry

Friday, May 23, 2014

Family Friends and the Sea

I have just had a time off from things ..I am on this journey of Peace still and it seems my focus has shifted in life. I am truly back on my list. I have totally shaded the YES disease. You know the one ...The people pleasing YES to everything . I now say well that is really not good for me. I tell ya , since i have taken on this approach life has been so much STRESS FREE lets just say LOL .

This is me and my friend Jocelle enjoying some time at the BEACH . The fun thing about meeting her a truly sweet SOUL who is on fire for the LORD and she is helping to raise her grand baby and just a giver to all who love her. She has moved down by the sea and how we met is truly GOD'S Plan. Her mom another sweet soul. .. MS. Judy met me thru The Rusty Pearl . Then her daughter moved near me. We all saw each other and hung out and have been friends every since. I just love when GOD has a hand in things. I just have had so much on my plate and decided to kick back a little while and SUBMERGE myself in what I love and what makes me happy. I Feel like my soul is smiling . I gave myself a  much needed time out. I think I will every so often to stay focused and centered. I figure whereas I am not complaining , I just needed ME TIME  A  Happy Me helps to make everyone else Happier LOL . I have had a permanent ME day for a few months and WE are all better for it.

Hope that your Summer has started off AH---Mazing and that you will continue to SHINE --here are some more fun pics doing what I love ...THE SEA
Hope your summer is Blessed. Thanks for allowing me to show some memories.. TOODLES and watch out been planning some great BLOGGIN ' Hugs

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fun On The Farm

Okay this year on my list .. I said I want to try something new. I have joined the Rodeo . I have had so much fun and made lots of new friends. I felt so blessed . I wanted to share some of this week with you.
Also know that hanging with the littles on the farm is such a blessing. I told my friends. I just think we all need to make time and spend with littles.. It is so fun watching this big ol world thru their EYES. The moms thanked me and I truly felt that it  was I who felt thankful and blessed.

I have to tell you I fell in love with this KID ..GET IT KID LOL I loved this little guy. It followed me every where and It smiled at me all day. I really wanted to trade my DOG for this goat. LOL

My favorite pair of boots for the day .. Can we say LOVE LOVE LOVE I want these. Cute little family all had a pair on.

Theres Jess My friend from work.. LOVE her and she had fun on the farm too !!!
Her dad is in the picture below .. We couldn't of done it all without him too …

and lastly that is me ..Thanking you all for stopping by .. GO try something new and have fun and be a blessing to others. I had fun on the farm and spend sometime with the littles in your life. They grow so fast. Have a blessed day my friends

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Drive In

                                    Winding road photos found on Mike Giancola's Portfolio

On the drive in this morning I turned off the radio. I felt a slight chill in the air but I could hear the wind and the sound of myself breathing. For some reason my eye sight was not as blurry and time had changed and the commute was a bit different and darker . I first passed a little bird sitting on the road and I found myself saying a little prayer and slowing down. All while thinking why is that little bird just sitting there (is it hurt, tired? ) then It flew off and a sense of relief came over me. Then I noticed a billboard sign that I pass every single day and I saw different colors on that sign and thought HMMM. Then I found myself praying inside of me for all those I pray for > Family and friends and I looked to the left to see things I normally don't see . Was I more conscious of things this morning ? Was I not as rushed ? Then I thought LORD thanks for slowing me down this morning to see the things you wanted me to see … TO pray for those you wanted me to pray for. GOD'S blessings really are all around us. I stopped to get gas and this man that was clearly before me .. SAID hey go ahead. I turned back around and said Thank you and he smiled knowing he did something good and kind. I felt different this morning. I can't really put my finger on it. BUT I know that GOD is saying BE AWARE.. I think that is the message that I will pass on for today. I loved the DRIVE IN this morning.

SO I guess whatever direction your going today .. BE AWARE .  I even noticed a sticker on the car in front of me saying GOD listens .. HOW awesome is that . Have a blessed day . I hope that your day is filled with blessings and GOD surrounds you with peace love and joy . PAY IT FORWARD ..



Tuesday, February 18, 2014


 Have you ever just sat by the SEA …Sometimes I feel like its just one big WORLD

                                           You know in life .. YOU have your sharks

and for me ..It is a blanket. I feel most me near it and hearing it . I can't explain what it does for me. I think i wanted to blog about it today because I am  missing it. I dreamed of this last night.


What I was dreaming is that our GOD is a BIG GOD
This world was made for all of us to be neighbors.

I think of the sea and how it is for most part -(OTHER Than drilling ) and 
some industrial things etc..For the most part it is Untouched. 
It can be scary and it can be beautiful. 
If you listen to her closely you can feel her story.
IF you don't listen to her closely 
You will feel her FURY 

If you take care of her .>She can lead you and take you places
I think we should respect her 

Images were found on line and I hope that you enjoy them. I am 
MISSING my friend ( THE SEA)

My family  and I have had many memories by the Sea
It is a great big world 

And Most of all we have a great big GOD 

Have a blessed day ..Get ready for that BEACH weather ..

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Blast from the PAST

                                                      Found on internet (not my image) 

Good Morning my beautiful friends. Today is thursday and On face book it is throw back thursday . I think everyone finds a picture of themselves from way back when and posts it. So that got me to thinking ..HMMM What can blogging thursdays be… NOT a clue !!! LOL 

 SO I thought I would share some of my favorite 2013 Memories of my family. Hope that is fine with you guys. .. HUGS and thanks for learning a bit about my beautiful family . 

Hey for Texas that is COLD That is the little bit of Sleet we got this morning . Looked like Dippin Dots LOL 

                                                             Kenzie and Trigger 

                                            Me and kenzie laughing until our ribs hurt. LOL 

                                                   some awesome furniture make overs …

                                          My twin girls. They are just as beautiful inside as out 
My handsome SON (who Is as beautiful on the inside too as he is on the outside ) 

                                                My favorite saying for 2013 --This says it all 
 My favorite gift for 2013 From the sweetest little boy on the planet…. Have a blessed day . Been so swamped with work etc. Wanted to blog something and read the blogs today and say hello. HUGS and love and peace and happiness wished to all of you ..toodles